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Cardiac Health of Women

There is common misconception that women are at lower risk of getting a heart attack. However, this is not true, both men and women have the same risk of getting heart attack.

Especially, women in between 35-44 are more vulnerable and a lack of awareness is worrisome.

As a 35-years old woman, it is ideal to get a thorough cardiac assessment done every 2 years to ensure optimal heart health.

Why Indian women are more vulnerable:

Most Indian women tend to put on weight rapidly after 35 years of age. This, plus the low quantity of good cholesterol (HDL) and high quantity of bad cholesterol (LDL) is a deadly combination that kills most women.

This includes Fetal cardiac medicine with dedicated Fetal echocardiography clinics, Grown-Up Congenital Heart (GUCH) clinics for the adult patients with birth defects of the heart, Therapeutic pediatric cardiac interventional procedures, Complex neonatal surgical intracardiac repairs, minimally invasive intracardiac repairs and single ventricle palliative procedures.

Obesity triggers diabetes in most women, and diabetic women are three times more prone to heart attacks than non-diabetic women.

Sedentary lifestyles with less exercise and increased incidence of smoking have increased the risk of heart diseases.

Cultural norms induce women to be less concerned about their own health compared to the health of their family members. As a result, very few women have frequent health checkups and more specifically for heart health.

The symptoms of heart attack in women are quite different than men, and other than a doctor, few people can recognize the same. As a result, such women do not get timely aid compared to men having a heart attack.

If you are a woman above 35 years of age, you must have a thorough cardiac assessment done for you every 2 years. Kauvery Hospital offers various diagnostic tests and health packages to suit your age, budget, health parameters and health goals.


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