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"Hi Im vinitha, Fifth floor, room no: 544, Mr. Veeraragavan (Thymoma patient), first of all we thank Dr.Raguram sir, his complememts gave great trust, at first we came for just consult. But after consulting we had a clear conclusion and satisfaction. The nurses handled the patients with pleasure and kindness.We had a kind guidence and good respond from the hospital staffs. While talking about the nurses of 5th floor there is no any negative points and they look after my uncle with no absence. They gave great motive both mentaly and physicaly. The Accomadation facility is too good. By Comparing with other hospitals we had a better experiance in all aspects. Now my uncle feel much better and positive improvement after thymectomy. Finaly, We had a better experiance than our expectations." Thank You.
- Vinitha gb
"Very good hospital. Excellent service from admission to discharge. No hassles. Professional nursing care. Excellent diagnostic and superb intervention by Dr Premsekar, one of the top notch Paediatric cardiologist, who is exceptional in his field besides having highest ethical standards. He is gentle and highly professional. He looks after the baby under his care, way no one can match him. I would like to recommend every one especially paediatric cardiology division. All the best and keep up the good work."
- Shilpa Pankaj Deshpande
"Dr.Avijit Basu was excellent God bless. All the nurses were excellent and attentive. Overall excellent team keep up the good work and facilities. God bless Thanks Regards."
- Anonymous
Excellent doctor and supporting staff. Many thanks to Dr.Manoj, truly God sent. Keep up the good work.
- Jeevan Kumar Ramanujakootam


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