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Emergency Cardiac Care and the Golden Hour

Gone are the days when clot thinner medicines had to be administered to people suffering a heart attack or heart attack-like symptoms. In today's, technologically intensive world, the cardiac emergency care is centred around Primary Angioplasty, involving balloons and stents to clear the blockage in the heart vessels and restore oxygen within the first 3 hours.

Some of the steps we take are

We routinely disseminate information on how to recognize heart attack symptoms.

Recognizing the symptoms will help the patient and his/her family members reach out to a GP, a hospital or a cardiologist in time.

The patient is then shifted to Kauvery Hospital for conducting a primary angioplasty. Before this, an ECG is taken to confirm the need for angioplasty. Kauvery Hospitalโ€™s ambulances are capable of telemetry: that is, an ECG can be captured and transmitted to concerned doctors even as the patient is in transit.

A repeat ECG is taken followed by blood test, while the patient is moved to a cardiac catheterization laboratory. This is followed by the angioplasty procedure.

To know how Kauvery Hospital can help you and your family during a cardiac emergency and what you must do on your part, please reach out to us on the given numbers.


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