Why Kauvery Hospital for Stroke?

24x7 Stroke Ready

24x7 Stroke Ready Hospital with renowned experts in the field of Stroke Management


Our dedicated Hyper Acute Stroke Unit(HASU) can handle any type of Stroke emergency

Advanced Technology

24x7 Thrombectomy and Thrombolysis

Patient Centric-Care

  • Individualised Care
  • Early Discharge
  • Home Care
  • Caregivers Support

Expert Team

Dedicated specialists in Stroke, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Stress Therapy, and Psychology

360 Degree Stroke Services

  • Acute Stroke
  • Stroke Prevention
  • Neurosurgery
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Neuro-Rehabilitation

Our Specialists

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State of the art equipment, guidelines and protocols

Round-the-clock care by Stroke Specialist, Interventional Radiologist, Neurosurgeon and Neurointensivist

Expert Nursing Team and Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialist

Brain Imaging within 20 mins of arrival

Mechanical thrombectomy for large clots to restore blood flow to brain

Clot Buster treatment on CT table to prevent treatment delay in eligible patients.

Other Stroke Services

Stroke Prevention

Most strokes are preceded by a warning like mini-strokes called TIA or Transient ischemic attacks. If correctly identified and treated promptly a more devastating stroke can be prevented.


At Kauvery Hospital, we perform rapid assessment and initiation of risk reduction measures in TIA patients adhering to international protocol.
Advantages of our Stroke Prevention Unit:

  • Multidisciplinary Approach involving Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular Surgery
  • Holter monitor to identify atrial fibrillation, USS or CT/MR angio to check for carotid atheromatous disease, blood work-up to check glycemic, lipid status or other rare genetic causes for strokes
  • Thorough clinical history and examination followed by advice on lifestyle modification is given.
  • Emergency medications initiated on the same day to reduce the risk of Stroke.

Stroke Rehabilitation Center

Getting back to life and normalcy after Stroke is a tedious process and requires expert guidance across multiple disciplines. At Kauvery Hospital, we have a dedicated Stroke Rehabilitation Centre to aid and assist stroke patients to get back to their normal routine.

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Advantages of our Stroke Prevention Unit:

  • Early mobilisation after Stroke to augment recovery
  • Use of specialized rehabilitation devices to facilitate passive and assisted movements in affected limbs
  • Daily sessions with speech and language therapists
  • Expert inputs from the Nutritionist as a catalyst for recovery
  • Use of modern rehab techniques by highly skilled physiotherapists
  • Continence care for maintaining dignity and independence
  • Vision and hearing assessments
  • In those with permanent disability, assistance is given by the use of advanced disability devices to maximize independence

Stroke - A treatable medical emergency

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