Acute Illness Management (AIM) Course | Kauvery Hospital

International Certificate issued by Greater Manchester Critical Care Network UK for successful candidates.

This is a one day training programme aimed at Nurses and Junior Doctors working in a clinical environment where there is contact with adults who are at risk of clinical deterioration.

Acute Illness Management (AIM) course is an internationally recognised training programme which was developed by the Critical Care Skills institute, Manchester, UK in 2001 to provide training for multi - disciplinary clinical staff to provide a systematic ABCDE approach for recognising and responding to acutely ill patients in the wards.

This internationally renowned course is run in several hospitals in UK, Canada and Africa and is being conducted in India for the first time as a collaboration between Greater Manchester critical care network, UK and Kauvery Academy. Book early as places are limited to 16 per day.

Date: AIM "Train the Trainer" 3 days Workshop Feb 1,2 & 3 - 2016
One Day AIM Workshop Feb 3 -2016
One Day AIM Workshop Feb 4 -2016

Venue: Hotel Raintree, St.Mary's Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Aims of Course

  • Optimise outcomes for patients at risk of developing acute illness
  • Enhance knowledge, confidence and performance of clinical staff dealing with acutely ill adults
  • Encourage team work, communication and awareness of human factors in relation to patient safety
  • Maximise the efficient use of critical care services
  • Address clinical governance and risk issues


    Director of Institute & Critical Care Network
    Consultant in Anaesthetics & Critical Care Medicine, UK
    Neonatal ICU, Sister in Charge, UK
    Institute Manager & Education Lead, UK
    Practice Educator - ICU, UK
    Practice Educator - ICU, UK
    Practice Educator - ICU & AIM Lead for the CCSI, UK
    Consultant in Critical Care, Kauvery Hospital

Acute Illness Management Programme

  • 08.00 - 08.15 - Registration / Housekeeping and Isntroduction
  • 08.15 - 08.45 - Case study - Track and Trigger
  • 08.45 - 09.25 - Human Factors and communication
  • 09.25 - 09.40 - Break
  • 09.40 - 09.55 - Introduction to the recognition, assessment and management of the acutely ill adult patient - Demonstration
  • 09.55 - 10.40 - Recognition, assessment and management of the acutely ill adult patient - Lecture
  • 10.40 - 12.20 - Workshop x 2 (2 groups of 8) Airway/breathlessness and Sepsis/hypotension
  • 12.20 - 12.50 - Lunch
  • 12.50 - 01.50 - SIMULATION WORKSHOP x (2 groups of 8) Oliguria and loss of consciousness
  • 01.50 - 02.10 - Assessing and managing the patient in Acute Pain
  • 02.10 - 03.10 - SIMULATION STATION x 4 (15 mins per candidate)
  • 03.10 - 03.20 - Negotiated Break
  • 03.20 - 04.20 - MCQ/Scenario Assessment
  • 04.20 - 04.30 - Evaluation/certificates

Acute Illness Management AIM Course

AIM "Train the Trainer" 3 days : Rs. 5000
AIM Provider Workshop 1 day : Rs. 1500
Name : "Sri Kavery Medical care (Trichy) LTD"
Bank : Corporation Bank
A/C No : 004901601002075
Branch : Mylapore
IFSC code : Corp0000049

For further details and to book a course before 23rd January, Please Contact:

Name : Geetha S Kumar
Phone : 8754456711
E-mail :

Student Experience

Upon completion of my first year in college, I was keen to pursue a summer study that further provided me exposure to the daily aspects of the medical profession. As I choose to further narrow down my areas of focus from a study perspective, it was important for me to get an early exposure into the different shades of medical profession. I was lucky to be offered the opportunity at Kauvery to be a part of 2015’s summer study under the guidance of some of the best minds in the profession. My experience at Kauvery was a comprehensive one. Be it a field of expertise, a type of ailment, or a set of internal processes, I was fortunate enough to be able to interact with multiple departments and experts within the hospital. Under the guided supervision of the experts, I gained valuable insight and experience that I will cherish beyond my professional needs. Though I am unsure about the specific type of medical professional I will be, I will always remember this as the environment in which I was first able to sink my teeth in. Hopefully, I return here in future to contribute to the professional environment here at Kauvery Hospital. I learned so much from all the physicians and surgeons about what it truly means to be a medical professional. To see, to understand, and to help. I will keep this and all that I have learned in mind as I move forward with my future aspirations. Thank you for a wonderful summer of learning.

Vishal Krishnan
Sophomore, Washington Universityin St.Louis


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