Integrated Sleep Clinics

Sleep apnea, insomnia and other related disorders are becoming increasingly common. Lack of sleep that leaves a person not feeling rested can have a major negative impact on all aspects of life – physical, mental, immunological and emotional. There are many causes for sleep disorders – medical, professional and social, relationship anxiety, lack of exercise and various lifestyle factors commonly trigger and/or aggravate these conditions. Because of the increasing frequency of this problem and its complexity, treating sleeping disorders has become a separate medical sub-specialty.

A sleep clinic is a medical facility where patients’ sleep patterns and habits are monitored and the reason for the reported/observed problem is diagnosed. A clinic such as this is a multidisciplinary one with highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field and the latest diagnostic and treatment technology and equipment to diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe not only the most effective treatment but also one that is most acceptable to the patient.