Back and Neck pain are the second commonest cause of hospital visits worldwide. It is also the third most common cause of surgical procedure and fifth most common cause of hospital stay. More than 80 % of adults in developing countries have at least one episode of disabling back pain. Usually by the age of 40, at least 50% of people have experienced an episode of back pain that required alteration in activity. About 95% of all back pains are treated conservatively with medicines and life style modification; however remaining 5% of back pain requires surgical treatment. Diagnosing the cause of back pain can sometimes be difficult as the source of pain is often multifactorial. The serious problems (5%) can present with severe back pain radiating to arms or legs, not able to stand or walk or use parts of the body, altered sensation and unable to pass urine and toilet. In elderly people cancer is a common cause of back and neck pain. There are several myths revolving around the management of low back pain. The commonest question is whether I should take bed rest or stay active. Majority of people tend to think its best to take rest and do nothing, but the contrary is true. Here is a small comparison between the two approaches scientifically.


  • You get stiff
  • Your muscles get weak
  • Your bones get weaker
  • You lose physical fitness
  • You get depressed
  • The pain feels worse
  • It gets harder and harder to get going

Stay Active

  • Develops your muscles
  • Keeps you supple
  • Gives you stronger bones
  • Makes you fit
  • Makes you feel good
  • Releases natural chemicals that reduce the pain
  • Recovery is faster

At Kauvery, we strongly recommend you to stay active within your pain limits along with some mild painkillers and physiotherapy. We have a highly skilled team to advice you on both surgical and non-surgical options to manage back and neck pain. Spine surgery is always considered to be dangerous; in fact it is very safe in good hands. We perform the entire spectrum of spine surgery from new born to elderly on the spine. With technological advancements we perform Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for superior results, early recovery and return to work.

Article by Dr Balamurali, Consultant Spine and Neurosurgeon