Neonatal Intensive Care in Trichy

Kauvery hospital has a Level III NICU which caters to nearly 1000 new born babies in the high risk category every year. Our NICU is a 40 bedded highly equipped unit, which includes 4 isolation & 10 step down beds. Neonatology division includes a team of dedicated neonatologists, paediatricians, neonatal fellows, neonatal nursing professional and trained supportive staff.

All critically ill, term & preterm neonates are managed well with state of the art equipment. We offer various neonatal intensive care services including ventilator and CPAP, Surfactant therapy, double volume exchange transfusion, total parenteral nutrition, central venous catheter, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, functional Echo, cranial USG, portable X-Ray and phototherapy. We also have a dedicated resuscitation and transport team which includes paediatricians, neonatal staff nurses with mobile incubator, CPAP & Transport Ventilator facilities.

In addition, we also offer multi-disciplinary developmental follow up facilities, indirect ophthalmoscopy for Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), immunization, newborn outpatient services, lactational support and prenatal counseling. Our survival rate is >95% among all admitted sick neonates including newborn babies up to 600 grams. Our goal is to achieve world class excellence in providing the best outcome for the sickest newborn.

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    • NNF accredited unit
    • 24*7 coverage by neonatologist & paediatrician
    • 24*7 resuscitation & transport team
    • 24*7 lactation counselling
    • Exclusive NICU unit
    • Grievance & feedback counselling
    • Preterm & very low birth weight baby care
    • Respiratory distress syndrome
    • Meconium aspiration syndrome
    • Hyperbilirubinemia
    • Apnea of prematurity
    • Neonatal seizure
    • Neonatal sepsis
    • Neonatal shock
    • Congenital pneumonia
    • Persistent & recurrent hypoglycemia
    • Inborn error of metabolism (IEM)
    • Meningitis
    • Acute kidney injury
    • Neonatal surgeries
    • Advanced Ventilation & HFOV
    • Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy
    • Whole Body Cooling
    • Facilities
    • Radiant warmer, infusion pump
    • LED phototherapy
    • Double volume exchange transfusion
    • Partial exchange transfusion
    • Neonatal mechanical ventilator
    • CPAP
    • Exchange Transfusion & Peritoneal dialysis
    • Bedside echo, cranial USG & x-ray
    • USG guided central venous & arterial access
    • Resuscitation & transport team with paediatrician
    • Neonatal Transport incubator with CPAP & ventilator
    • Advanced Ventilation & HFOV