Orthopedic Urgent Care

Ortho Intensive Care Units

Ortho Intensive Care Units are the fastest growing critical care units in medicine today. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists, work together to provide comprehensive care to patients with frequent updates to family members. The Ortho Intensive Care is equipped to treat a spectrum of disorders and diseases, such as:

Accident and Trauma
Accident and Trauma
Post Operative Complications
Post Operative Complications
Back pain
Acute severe Back pain accompanied with numbness
Difficulty Walking
Fussy child who refuses to walk without any obvious injury
Groin or thigh pain with inability to walk

The prime advantage of care of the Ortho ICU is the 24 x 7 monitoring by the trained nurses and also the immediate availability of on-call physicians, specialized interventions and diagnostic tests. These critical care techniques enable the experienced staff to correct or reverse any medical condition that is progressively worsening.


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