"On behalf of Brig. R Ranganathan (Retd.) 94 yrs a BIG THANK YOU to Dr Aravindan Selvaraj and his entire team at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. This phenomenal team led by Dr Aravindan Selvaraj have revolutionised 'Geriatric Care'. Special thanks to the wonderful and dedicated nursing staff (Ellen James, Pauline Charles, Priyadarshini, Jhansi, Reeta and all others)."

- Mahesh Natarajan
"My heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful medical care Dr. Aravindan and his team of doctors rendered me at Kauvery hospital during January, 2015 when I was admitted for surgical treatment of multiple fractures of my left ankle. I have to commend Dr. Aravindan's surgical skills because of which I am walking today and my ankle function has mostly recovered in spite of the presence of multiple surgical implants needed to keep the joint together."
- Dr. Sita Krishnamoorthy
"I am Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj's patient. I was admitted for Arthroscopy on 21/7/2015. All the staff members treated me like a family member and I am so happy for that. This type of approach and care has given me confidence that my problem and stress would subside 50-60% after treatment. Thanks to all the staff and duty doctors. And I have no words to tell about Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj. He is very kind and very soft in character. Thanks a lot doctor."
- anonymous
"I am treating my father for the past one year for dialysis and I am completely satisfied with the treatment and the cooperation given by all the departments in the hospital. I sincerely wish Dr.Aravindan Selvaraj and his team success in all their endeavours."
- Joseph Vaz
"I was admitted in the hospital during the period 9th through 13th April 2015 for repairing a broken bone in my hand. I must confess, this is the best hospital in the city, from the angle of health care. Dr Aravindan and his team are efficient, highly skilled, empathetic, extremely involved and above all patient centric. They understand the human pain. The operation theatre is word class. Patient management at its best.
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- Ramakrishna. R
"YES! I DID IT AT LAST!! I got myself a new right knee! I have been putting up with knee pain for more than seven years and my knee kept deteriorating year after year. Last few months of 2016 were terrible and I decided to go ahead and do it! Let me admit I was scared! The thought of giving up my God given knee was terrifying! Now, three weeks after it was done, I am very happy with the decision.
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- Ms. Prema Venkateswaran
Dear Dr. Aravindan: I was resisting writing this piece from the 2nd of February 2017. Not because I did not want to write, but choosing the time to write. Dilemma is because, I am in the middle of the treatment in your hospital. Now I have decided the time is come for me to write. (Better now than never, is the key word). As you would know, this is my second visit to the hospital in the last 2 years as a patient. The first time, when I had the fracture in my hand.
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- Ramakrishna Ramanathan


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