Children are not miniature of elders/adults. Each age group has their own differences in terms of anatomy, physiology, illnesses and requirements. Hence, the interventions needed, be it well child or critically ill neonates, children or adolescents differ.

This explains the need for expertise in their field which encompasses physicians, nursing staff and allied medical staff with the knowledge, skill and compassion to treat, meet the needs/requirements of appropriate age groups.

We in Kauvery Hospital with above mentioned expertise and cutting edge technologies aid in timely recognition and early intervention as per the individual child’s requirement.

Kauvery Hospital provides paediatric services ranging from well baby clinics to coverage of critically ill neonates, children and adolescents.

General paediatrics

Kauvery Hospital provides well organised clinics with experts in the field to closely monitor kids nutritional status ,growth and development, for early recognition and timely intervention when needed.

Age appropriate vaccinations are provided to reduce the morbidity and mortality from common infections.

According to consultants discretion non Critical patients based on their clinical needs will either be treated as outpatients or inpatients. The paediatric ward is equipped with well trained staff and facilities to care for the little ones. Ward admissions are for relatively stable children who need intravenous fluids, medications, minor procedures etc.

Paediatrics Services

The Department of Pediatrics provides comprehensive outpatient and inpatient care for sick infants and children up to the age of 14 years. Our department offers preventive services, including well baby clinics, immunizations, developmental assessments, nutritional assessments, and anticipatory guidance.

We also provide consultations to sub-specialists for comprehensive pediatric care. Our pediatricians are available on a rotational basis and provide services 24/7, 365 days a year. Our multidisciplinary team consists of pediatricians, pediatric intensivists, subspecialty consultants, pediatric nurses, and nutritionists.

Our department provides several services, including the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic (OPD), Immunization Clinic, General Pediatric inpatient unit, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The PICU has four beds with advanced monitoring and ventilator facilities, managed by senior faculty members. All pediatric procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, are performed in our department.

The outpatient clinic is operational every day, from Monday to Saturday, between 9 am to 8 pm, and on Sundays, between 9 am to 1 pm. Immunizations are administered daily in the immunization clinic.

Paediatric Emergencies

As it is almost unpredictable when the child can become sick or sustain injuries, emergency services with paediatricians and trained staff to deal with all kinds of Paediatric emergencies such as seizures, poisoning, trauma,burns,respiratory distress are available 24*7.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The unit is provided with cutting edge technologies which include ventilators, Bi-pap, HFNC (non invasive Ventilation, bedside x-rays, bedside ultrasound, multimodal monitors and experts ( intensivists,cardiologists,neurologists) to ensure best possible care to the little ones. The unit offers care to children with seizures, respiratory distress, severe infection, poisoning , snake envenomation, severe trauma, post major surgical procedures who require round the clock monitoring ,timely diagnosis and quick intervention.

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