Reconstrctive Surgery

Our plastic and reconstructive surgery offers multiple reconstructive treatments to help you overcome adversity and injuries to enable you to lead a happy life.

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    • Fracture repairs
    • Nerve decompressions
    • Releases
    • Transfer and repairs of tendons and reconstruction of exposed tendons and bones due to trauma or infection
    • Treatment of rheumatoid deformities and congenital defects
    • Traumatic hand and digital amputations that require a “reimplant” operation are also performed
    • Management of Acute Burns with specialised burn unit
    • Reconstructive Surgery for Post-Burn Sequelae and Deformities with appropriate rehabilitation for patients to lead a normal life after the major burn trauma

    Specialised multidisciplinary team providing ongoing assessment, treatment, planning, case management, follow-up and treatment intervention to treat children born with facial defects/deformities.

    • Diabetes Complication Prevention
    • Timely and appropriate surgical procedures to prevent Amputation
    • Special Footwear will be advised and provided
    • Specialist Surgical Advise
    • Specialist Physiotherapy
    • Early Nerve Surgery or Secondary Nerve Surgery where appropriate to treat nerve injuries to enhance quality of life