My wife having suffered from her right hand and left leg pains for so many years without finding a proper solution in my home country hospitals, we took trouble to travel to India for medical check-ups and possibly treatment. We visited the Kauvery Spine Centre and met Dr Balamurali for advice. Upon a series of check-ups, it was observed that my wife had problems on her spinal cord and the Dr recommended for surgery. The surgery was done successfully and from that day my wife is feeling better than ever before. According to her, she has got a lot of pain relief such that she can now get asleep well than ever before. It is hope that she will recover completely and resume her normal life within the coming few months. We sincerely appreciate high quality services offered by this hospital and at a very reasonable cost. We met very friendly and hardworking staff at the hospital. High professionalism shown by Balamurali and his team is also highly appreciated. Keep it up.

- Prof. F. W. Dulle, Morogoro, Tanzania

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