Why Choose Kauvery Heart Institute (KHI)?

The centre of excellence in Radial Road, Chennai, will have a team of highly skilled experts in interventional cardiology who will perform high-end, innovative procedures on par with leading centres in Europe and the USA. The centre would also offer world-class training programmes in the speciality in due course, benefiting the peer group.

Diagnostic Facilities

Our department is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for delivering the best diagnostic and treatment for a wide range of cardiac diseases.

Cardiac Imaging

1. Multislice Cardiac CT

2. New Gen Cardiac MRI

3. Advanced 3D and 4D trans-thoracic and Trans-esophageal echocardiography systems for diagnostic and interventional echocardiography services

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

High-end digital catheterization lab with in-house availability of complex hardware and equipment for quick service reducing procedural delay.

Advanced Intracoronary Imaging

1. Latest generation Coronary invasive optical coherence imaging systems with Ulterion systems with co-registration (Ulterion OCT with co-registration)

2. Coronary Intravascular ultrasound systems with high-definition technology (HD-IVUS)

Intracoronary Physiological Monitoring

Comprehensive invasive physiological monitoring with RFR, FFR, CFR, and IMR with Pressure wire X and thermodilution pressure indices for microvascular dysfunction and coronary vasospastic testing.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab – For Heart Rhythm Disorders

Our services include advanced 2d and 3d mapping and ablation with the help of intracardiac echo imaging to deliver precise treatment in the complex rhythm disorders.

We also have specialised services for advanced device therapies such as infra cardiac defibrillator, Bi-ventricular pacemaker (CRT), lead extraction and ILR.

Specialised Cath Lab Services

Available in-house for tackling complex calcific lesions

  • Rota pro-next-gen atherectomy
  • Orbital atherectomy
  • Intracoronary Lithotripsy

Treatment Services Offered

Day-Care Procedure

  • Day Care radial coronary angiography with a 2-hour stay in the hospital
  • Day care coronary stenting in selected patients with 6 hours of hospital stay (timing subject to discretion of treating physician)
  • Complex PCI
  • Complex Rotablation and Multivessel PCI
  • Orbital atherectomy
  • Bifurcation and left main trifurcation PCI
  • Retrograde CTO PCI
  • Primary PCI 24×7 with hemodynamic support (IABP, ECMO, and Impella)
  • 100% Imaging assisted PCI with High definition IVUS or OCT co-registration for absolute precision
  • Heart failure device therapy
  • Ultra-low contrast and Zero contrast PCI with IVUS in renal failure patients
  • Angio co-registration coronary OCT with MAXMLD and Calcium algorithm for absolute precision PCI
  • Protected PCI and cardiogenic shock treatment with ECMO, Impella and IABP
  • Debulking procedures with Laser angioplasty
  • Intra coronary Shockwave Lithotripsy

EndoVascular Interventions

  • Angio jet thrombectomy for Deep venous and Pulmonary Thrombi
  • Fenestrated TEVAR and EVAR for Aortic aneurysms and Dissections
  • Peripheral Total occlusions and complex re-entry for iliac and fem pop lesions
  • BTK interventions
  • Carotid stenting with filter system
  • Acute Stroke intervention and stent retriever thrombectomy
  • SVC stenting for SV ASD
  • IVC interventions for Budd Chiari syndrome
  • Dialysis access interventions
  • Venous system varicose diseases with endovenous ablation
  • Renal artery denervation for refractory hypertension

Structural Heart and Paediatric Cardiac Interventions

  • Trans catheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)
  • Valve in Valve and Valve in Ring TAVR with Basilica
  • Transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR)
  • Lampoon procedure
  • Trans catheter edge to edge repair (TEER) for mitral and tricuspid regurgitation
  • Trans catheter Pulmonary valve replacement
  • Balloon valvuloplasty for congenital and Rheumatic diseases
  • Device closures for ASD, VSD and PDA including very large ASD with balloon-assisted technique. We have the largest successful series in the country
  • Complex para valve leak closures
  • Intracardiac echo (ICE) guided procedures
  • Pulmonary AVM closures and Coronary AV fistula closures

Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures with 3D Mapping

  • Single and Dual Chamber Pacemakers with MRI safety
  • Physiological and Conduction system pacing
  • Intra cardiac defibrillator therapy (AICD)
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRTP and CRT-D) and left bundle pacing
  • Complex Radiofrequency ablation for post-op arrhythmias, Scar VT and Idiopathic PVC
  • Multiple bypass tracts and isthmus ablation for Supra ventricular arrhythmias
  • Trans septal and Cuspal VT ablation with absolute precision
  • Leadless pacemaker implant

Imaging with 3D and 4D Echocardiography and Interventional Echocardiography

  • Paediatric and Newborn echocardiography
  • Advanced three-dimensional echo imaging for complex structural heart defects
  • 3D echo-guided mitral and tricuspid valve clipping and repairs
  • Earlier detection of heart failure with Strain rate imaging
  • Automated Velocity vector imaging for heart function
  • Non-invasive measurement of valve geometry and hemodynamics
  • Comprehensive Paediatric and Neonatal echocardiography for earlier detection of congenital heart disease

Advanced Imaging Services with Multislice Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI(CMR)

  • For earlier detection of atherosclerotic coronary artery disease
  • CT-guided structural interventions
  • CMR-guided viability assessment and optimal revascularization
  • Cardiac MR for complex congenital and GUCH for therapeutic decision making
  • CMR-guided management of rare cardiac anomalies like cardiac sarcoidosis, and ARVD
  • Protocol-based CMR studies for complex congenital heart disease management like repaired TOF for TPVI and flow dynamic measurement

Preventive Master Cardiology Health and Community Health Programs

We, at Kauvery Heart Institute, strongly believe in preserving heart health through the timely detection of problems in their early stages. The contemporary busy lifestyle has made us prone to many health problems like high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity, etc., which are major risk factors for the development of cardiac diseases. Hence, we have created a unique preventive cardiology programme that consists of a set of essential tests and specialist consultations to help people evaluate their heart function before any signs of abnormalities appear. The goal of the programme is to advise people on lifestyle management that will help

  • Reduce risk factors for heart disease.
  • Prevent strokes and heart attacks.
  • Reduce the need for future surgery.
  • Improve the quality of life

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