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Kauvery Hospital’s department of geriatric medicine focuses on providing comprehensive care for seniors in case of an emergency. Preservation of function and enhancing quality of life is the core of our care strategy. Our multidisciplinary approach provides ensures better clinical outcomes in case of an emergency by leveraging our expertise in cardiology, neurology, nephrology, orthopaedics and intensive care.

Comprehensive Geriatric Care

Our care goals

  • Achievement of maximum independence for the seniors
  • Reducing the burden of medication on their body

Our promises towards elderly patients

  • Increased diagnostic efficiency
  • Reduced hospital visits
  • Moderation of medication
  • Decreased cost
  • Increased quality of life

The Kauvery Advantage

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Internationally trained experts

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Comprehensive end-to-end geriatric care using a multi-speciality approach


Dedicated 24/7 Geriatric ICU and CCU

India’s First Advanced Orthogeriatrics Centre

Kauvery Hospital houses India’s First Advanced Orthogeriatrics Centre, a standalone speciality centre offering 360-degree care for all orthopaedic ailments among the elderly. Our geriatric team liaises with our expert orthopaedic surgeons to provide a care plan that fulfils all our promises.


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    The testament of optimism

    Mr S N Pai, a 101-year-old was rushed into Kauvery Hospital in an ambulance. His fall had dislocated his hip. However,
    within 10 mins of the call, our ambulance was ready to pick him up and within 2 hours of his admission, his surgery was scheduled post
    diagnosis and imaging. Throughout the ordeal, Mr Pai remained optimistic and hopeful about his recovery. His surgery was successfully performed
    and he left the hospital 3 days later with a smile on his face.

    The strength of will

    Mr Srinivasan, a 103-year-old man from Mylapore was rushed into Kauvery Hospital with a dislocated hip owing to a fall.
    His age was a massive challenge for our team of geriatricians and orthopaedics to overcome. Yet, our team remained confident of facilitating his recovery.
    After immediate imaging and diagnosis, our surgical team geared up to perform a complex hip replacement surgery to help him get back on his feet.
    A centenarian, Mr Srinivasan remained strong-willed and put his faith in us to restore him to normalcy. The surgery was successfully performed
    and within 5 days, he was back on his feet and returned to his routine.

    Understanding Paediatric Liver Transplant

    Kauvery Ashirwad Program for Senior Citizens

    Being pioneers of Geriatric Care, Kauvery Hospital launches an all-inclusive, interdisciplinary health program for the elderly.

    Services Offered:

    • Geriatric Master Health Checkup
    • Home safety assessment for the elderly
    • Diet counselling
    • Eye checkup
    • Dental checkup
    • Physiotherapy session
    • 4 consultations by geriatrician
    • 10% discount on OP Pharmacy
    • 10% discount on OP Lab and Radiology services
    • 2 home healthcare visits by our nurse
    • Free ambulance services*
    • Free home delivery of medicines*
    • Comprehensive health report
    • Cost of the Package: INR 7,500/-
    • For appointments, call 044 4000 6000

    Services Offered

    fall prevention
    Fall Prevention
    Osteoporosis Care
    Osteoarthritis Care
    knee replacement
    Knee Replacement
    hip replacement
    Hip Replacement
    bone joint
    Bone and Joint Surgery
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    Doctor Visit
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    Nurse Visit
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    Delivery of Medicines
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    Sample Collection
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