We are delighted to welcome aspiring and ambitious post graduate candidates to the Kauvery Diplomate National Board (DNB) Program under the auspices of National Board of Examinations(NBE). The National Board of Examinations is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, established in 1975 at New Delhi to standardize postgraduate medical education and examination in India.

Kauvery Hospitals strongly believe in the life-changing experience gained through Academics- the power of teaching, training and research, under careful and committed guidance-, to inspire aspiring clinicians to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Kauvery Hospitals shall train you to acquire the necessary skills to serve patients with kindness, compassion, knowledge, skills, competence and confidence.

Kauvery Hospital offers a host of DNB courses across a wide spectrum of medical specialties to enable and empower young, keen and shrewd clinical minds to expand their horizon and pursue their aspirations with courage and conviction.

Kauvery DNB program is championed by one of the finest clinical minds in the nation, Dr.Venkita S Suresh, a stalwart in global health and a cardiologist with over 40 years of experience in stewarding academic, clinical and management programs and outcomes in hospitals in several countries- India, Oman, UAE, Haiti, British Virgin Islands, St Helena, DR Congo, Nigeria and Papua New Guinea. A member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS), he has been associated with mentoring DNB programs in India ever since MNAMS became DNB in the Eighties.

Kauvery’s DNB program is unique in that it engages the aspirants immediately into a” total immersion” into clinical practice, guiding them to acquire skills and confidence every day of their lives. Teaching and training go seamlessly, hand by hand, along with acquiring an insight into clinical research.

Kauvery DNB program believes that what sets apart a post graduate from the undergraduate is the decision and determination to become responsible and accountable for the quality of patient care and its outcomes

Kauvery’s DNB courses, in several clinical disciplines, are conducted at our hospitals in Chennai, Trichy, Salem and Hosur by stalwarts in the respective fields. HoDs and their colleagues, who are the teaching faculty, have extensive clinical experience in treating some of the most complicated cases and in pioneering the state’s and the nation’s most complex interventions/surgeries.

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Name of the course Category Seat Allotment Intake
Post MBBS Post Diploma Post PG Degree
Nephrology Super Speciality 2 Jul / Aug
Cardiology Super Speciality 1 Jul / Aug
General Medicine Speciality 2 Jan / Feb
Anesthesiology Speciality 3 2 Jan / Feb
Radio Diagnosis Speciality 1 1 Jan / Feb
Orthopedic Surgery Speciality 1 1 Jan / Feb
Vascular Surgery Super Speciality 2 Jul / Aug
Diploma in Radio Diagnosis (DMRD) Diploma 1 Jul / Aug
Diploma in Anesthesiology (DA) Diploma 1 Jul / Aug
Critical Care Medicine Super Speciality 2 Jul / Aug

Faculty Members:

Name of the course Category Seats allotted to students completed
Post MBBS Duration Post Diploma Duration
Kavery Medical Centre & Hospital
General Medicine Broad Speciality 2 3 Yrs
KMC Speciality Hospitals
Pediatrics Broad Speciality 1 3 Yrs 1 2 Yrs
General Surgery Broad Speciality 2 3 Yrs
Anesthesiology Broad Speciality 1 3 Yrs 1 2 Yrs
Anesthesiology DNB 1 2 Yrs
Pediatrics DNB 1 2 Yrs
Family Medicine DNB 1 2 Yrs
ENT DNB 2 2 Yrs
Radiology DNB 2 2 Yrs

Faculty Members:

Name of the course Category Seats allotted to students completed
Post MD/MS/DNB Duration
DNB Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery Super Speciality 2 3 Yrs
DNB Cardiology Super Speciality 2 3 Yrs
DNB Cardiac Anaesthesia Speciality 2 3 Yrs

Faculty Members:

Name of the course Category Seats allotted to students completed
Post MBBS Duration Post Diploma Duration
Kauvery Hospital, Salem
Anesthesiology DNB 2 2 Yrs
Radiology DNB 2 2 Yrs

Faculty Members:

Name of the course Category Seats allotted to students completed
Post MBBS Duration Post Diploma Duration
Kauvery Hospital, Hosur
Anesthesiology Diploma 2 2 Yrs

Faculty Members:

The Kauvery DNB Advantage

  • Guidance from internationally trained faculty members with extensive clinical and surgical experience, teaching and training skills.
  • Access to cutting edge infrastructure – India’s first Hybrid Cath Lab Operating Room, 4K 3D Technology for Neuronavigation, 128 Slice CT Machine, Quite Suite MRI, etc.
  • Hands-on clinical training with practical demonstration and real-life case studies.
  • Access to all tools of learning, clinical practice, clinical research, presentation and publication.
  • Kauvery publishes its own electronic medical journals.
  • Access to webinars, conferences and a variety of CME programs round the year
  • Regular evaluation of progress and feedback. Exposure to in-house examinations.
  • A record of success in candidates in qualifying at the examination on first attempt
    Centrally located hospital campuses
  • Tech-enabled clinical governance systems to ensure high quality of care and highest patient safety. The data is available to do clinical audits and research.

The DNB course | Super speciality program in Vascular Surgery

For the first-time-ever, the National Board of Examinations has expanded the horizons of the DNB program, giving the opportunity to pursue a Dr. N.B course, a doctorate program enabling doctors to become equipped with the necessary clinical and technical knowledge, skill and expertise to operate in a super speciality department.

Kauvery Hospital, now accredited to the NBE (national board of examinations). is offering, for the first-time-ever, a DrNB program in Vascular Surgery, at Chennai

The program will be spearheaded by Prof Dr. N Sekar, a doyen in the field of vascular surgery. He was the first person in India to be awarded an MCh in Vascular Surgery and the first vascular surgeon to start endovascular surgeries in Tamilnadu. All the practicing vascular surgeons are his students.

Kauvery Hospital now presents you with an exceptional opportunity to learn from such a venerated surgeon and take your medical journey to the next level.

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