Dr. Shuba Hariprasad

Critical Care Specialist
Doctor of Medicine
Critical Care
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Dr.Subha critical care
Critical Care Specialist
  • Systematically consulted, cared for and managed multiple critically ill patients and consequently provided quality care even in high pressure situations.
  • During OB/GYN rotation, was the quickest to learn & manage normal labor without supervision, perform tubectomies as the primary surgeon & perfectly executed closure of uterus in a C-section.
  • As a junior doctor, was given several opportunities as a first assist in a variety of surgical procedures including Grayhack procedure, sapheno-femoral ligation, cleft lip & palate repair & various laparoscopic procedures enabling me to prove & improve manual dexterity.
  • Citing two distinct patients, both seriously injured. One with severe polytrauma, the other with fracture of the pelvis & femur complicated with diabetes & stage IV decubitus ulcers. Sharing their fears, concerns & hopes, treating & nursing them back to health instilled a whole new dimension to my profession & an immense sense of accomplishment both as an individual & a doctor.
Specialty Experience
  • Independently consulted & treated an average of 50 multidisciplinary patients on a daily basis.
  • Trained in & performed emergency/clinical procedures including I &D, wound debridement, suturing, intubation, ICD, needle decompression, CPR & nasogastric tube insertion.
  • Managed medical/surgical emergencies including MI, hypertensive crisis, hypoglycemia, seizures, poisoning, bites, anaphylaxis, peritonitis, cellulitis, burns, pneumo/hemothorax, blunt/penetrating trauma & polytrauma.
  • Collaborated with colleagues & conducted free medical camps. Educated the community in disease prevention & lifestyle modification to prevent diabetes, hypertension & CAD.
  • Responsible for guiding & coaching medical students in various aspects of administering ER patient care.

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