Dr. Niran Kumar Samuel

Paediatric Surgeon
MBBS, MS General Surgery, M.Ch. Paediatric Surgery
Maa Kauvery Trichy
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Dr Niran Kumar Samuel

Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS – Shri BM Patil Medical College, Bijapur.
  • MS General Surgery – Meenakshi Medical College, Kancheepuram.
  • M.Ch. Paediatric Surgery Madras Medical College, Institute of Child Health, Chennai.

Scholastic Performance

  • Varied presentation of Merkel’s Diverticulum in children.
  • Management of choledocholithiasis in children.
  • Rare assessment of Malrotation.
  • Management of Empyema in children.

Delivered Lectures:

  • Maderated session on Surgical emergencies in Newborn in Neonatologies conference, Trichy.
  • Management of H.fistula in children, IAPS – April 2016
  • Management of Duodenal Duplication cyst – National Conference of Paediatric Surgery @ Kolkata – 2017.
  • Management of Metastatic Thyroid carcinomas – TN-APSICON – Madurai, 2016.

Specialty Experience: 8.8 years
Kauvery Experience: 1.5 years
Normal Procedures: Hernia repair, Hydrocele, Circumcission
Special Procedures: Laparoscopic surgeries, Neonatal surgeries, Paediatric urologic procedures, Paediatric cancer surgeries


  • Extensive knowledge and training in the fields of Paediatric urologic procedures, oncology
  • Excellent clinical acumen in diagnosis Paed surgical problems
  • Extensive training from one of the top institutions of the country
  • Develops rapport with children and keeps them comfortable

Future Vision: Minimal access urological procedure
Professional Body Membership: Indian Association of peadiatric surgeons and Tamil Nadu Paediatric, Paediatric Surgery Association
Personal Interests: Music, Books & Travelling

Professional Body Membership:

  • WALS
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