Are you an entrepreneur? Want to be the next best thing in the international business circuit?

Do you have an idea or product that has the potential to transform the ever-growing health sector?

Then Health Care Capital is the right destination. An investment house from the Kauvery Group focusing on investing in emerging healthcare/health tech startups. We are on a massive hunt for innovative ideas and products that will elevate you to the next level through our professional expertise, funding, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our long-standing experience in the healthcare sector provides you with the support, access, and seed capital needed for startups in their space.

We are open to Ideas. Our primary focus is to identify startups with an exciting game plan, which accelerates their growth to the next level.

Five Steps in investing in emerging healthcare/health tech startup

Startup Approaches Healthcare Capital

Pitch session happens in front of panel and experts

Based on business viability and funding stage, deal is taken to deal evaluation team

Pilot study for medical device / tech conducted under experts at Kauvery Hospital


Term sheets are signed and investment is made for Medical device / tech



Experts will support the startups to improvise the Medical device / tech



Medical device / tech is purchased by hospital chain to incorporate into mainstream operations

Areas of Focus

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Medical Devices

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Healthcare IT

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Imaging & Radiology

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Preventive Care

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Remote monitoring

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Hospital Infrastructure & Assets

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Disposables & Consumables

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Variables & IOT

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Chronic Diseases Management

Why collaborate with Health Care Capital?

  • 20+ years of healthcare experience positively impacting millions of lives
  • Access to clinicians spanning multiple specialities
  • Data validation, testing, trial run and integration
  • Support in Clinical Validation