IMA Journal – August 2021

Message from Team IMA Chennai Kauvery Alwarpet Branch

Dear colleagues

75th Independence Day Greetings and best wishes from IMA Chennai Kauvery Branch.

We wholeheartedly thank the Honourable Chief minister and Health minister of Tamil Nadu for sanctioning a financial assistance of Rs. 25 lakhs for all the doctors who have lost their precious lives in the fight against COVID.

At this hour we need to be cautious and follow a socially responsible behaviour to thwart the impending 3rd wave.

Long live IMA

Yours in IMA service,
Dr S Sivaram Kannan

The month of August is special to our nation and Chennai.

This is our nation’s 75th Independence Day. Let us work towards a world and a nation free of COVID. Let us continue to spread the awareness of social distancing and vaccination.

August 22nd is observed as Madras Day. Chennai is full of history and rich traditions, culture and modernity co-exist seamlessly. Let us celebrate Chennai as proud Chennaiites.

Long live IMA.

Yours in IMA service,
Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran

Dear friends

Happy to meet you all with Kauvery IMA journal.

We have interesting presentations from different departments.

Thankful to all consultants and post graduates for their active participation.

Long live IMA.

With regards
Dr. R. Balasubramaniyam

Dr. Balasubramaniam Raju - Chief Nephrologist

A Case of Benign Nephrosclerosis in Renal Biopsy

Mr.U,a 54 years old gentleman who is known to have suffered from systemic hypertension for 15 years and was not on regular medicationswas detected to have azotemia (Creatinine 2.2 mg%) with normal-sized kidneys on an ultrasonogram. There was no history of oedema, hematuria, oliguria or intake of nephrotoxic medications. He had no proteinuria and hematuria. He underwent a renal biopsy.

Renal biopsy:

Light microscopy showed 17 glomeruli, 2 sclerosed. There was no significant abnormality in the viable glomeruli, except for ischemic wrinkling of the tuft…
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Trigger Arrhythmias

A Case Report:

A 83 yrs old gentleman, known Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Systemic Hypertension, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Hypothyroid on regular medications came to the Emergency Department with H/O Vacant Stares at home. He suffered a total of three episodes on the same day he was brought to the hospital. Each event lasted for a few minutes. The patient was standing during all the events and was not fully aware of what was happening around him during the event. H/O mild blurring of vision during the event…
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Rectus Sheath Block – A Walking Epidural

A bilateral Rectus sheath block is a very useful technique for intra-op and postoperative analgesia in surgeries involving the middle anterior abdominal wall from xiphisternum to pubic symphysis. Hence it is preferable for surgeries with midline or paramedian abdominal incision.


The anterior rami T 7 to T 11, gives sensory innervation to the rectus muscle and overlying skin.

Clinical application

Deposition of the local anaesthetic within the posterior rectus sheath gives predictable…
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A Case Of Pancreatic Serous Cystadenoma


Asymptomatic,51 years lady found to have a heteroechoic lesion noted in the head of the pancreas duringa master health checkup.The patient was referred to Kauvery hospital for further investigation.

CT Abdomen with contrast:

Large well-defined hypodense lesion in the head and neck of the pancreas with central calcification and mild homogeneous enhancement in the delayed phase, with the lesion abutting the distal most superior mescentric vein…
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Skin Glue for an aesthetically pleasing scar in Head and Neck tumours


Several different techniques are used for the closure of surgical wounds. The KENT Team at Kauvery hospital believes in adopting newer methods for a more aesthetically appealing scar, with the use of Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives to provide a better closing than that achieved by conventional surgical wound closure with sutures or staples.

Cyanoacrylate i.e.-Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive, (a registered trademark of Ethicon, Fig 2.5) is effective in providing a barrier against the penetration of microorganisms, and also in providing scarless surgery effect.
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Massive Hemoptysis: An Update On Life-Saving Embolization Beyond Bronchial Arteries


Major hemoptysis was defined as one of the following: bleeding of more than or equal to 200 ml per 24 hours, bleeding resulting in hemodynamic instability or respiratory compromise or blood loss resulting in reduction in hematocrit to less than 30%

(1). Massive hemoptysis constitute 1-1.5% of all hemoptysis. They can be life threatening due to compromised gas exchange or sudden circulatory collapse, with 50-100% mortality (2). With the advanced CT scanner, many a time the cause for hemoptysis…
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