What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

It is estimated that 10 % of the world’s population is affected by CKD-Chronic Kidney Disease. These numbers are increasing rapidly. CKD has become one of the leading causes of Non Communicable Diseases that causes significant morbidity and mortality

In the event of any unexpected emergencies the CKD population is the most vulnerable due to their ongoing requirements for consistently coordinated care – care, which is often lifelong, and involving complex ongoing treatment

Kauvery Hospital, Chennai has been in the forefront to provide health care to this vulnerable population. We provided a 24 hours dialysis care during the floods in 2015. Dialysis is one therapy that should be provided during any disastrous event. The same commitment was shown during the COVID pandemic as well.

The doctors , nurses, DIALYSIS TECHNOLOGISTS and the management stood firm in our mission of saving every life . The world had seen how unprepared we are during such pandemics and we at Kauvery Hospital ensured the kidney care including dialysis support was provided with utmost care.

We dedicated special zones for dialysis for COVID patients and our Nephrology team took the responsibility of taking care of every patients needing dialysis with active COVID infection. The team also performed kidney transplantation during COVID pandemic after the patient and their donor had recovered from the infection.

Intensive Renal Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

The increasing vulnerability to kidney disease occurs in patients who are critical in the Intensive Care Unit. AKI – Acute Kidney Injury – affects 30 % of those who are in the ICU. Patients could get admitted for multiple reasons including severe infections, heart failures, etc . During the course of their illness the kidneys can also get affected.

Provide Treatment

The next step is to provide treatment once their kidneys fail. Contrary to regular care to an otherwise healthy individuals, those in the ICU are critical, with unstable vital parameters like blood pressure, poor respiratory functions, and they need advance levels of kidney care.

Multi Organ Failure

For those who suffer a MULTI-ORGAN FAILURE, the kidneys are part of this spectrum. The most important aspect of this critical scenario is prevention of AKI in the intensive care unit. Our team of health care specialists are tuned to take appropriate precautions towards prevention of AKI.

Kauvery Hospital – Intensive Renal Care Unit

Kauvery Hospital – Intensive Renal Care Unit is a dedicated team that will work towards taking care of critical patients in the ICU. We provide dedicated kidney care to those in the ICU. Apart from medical and nursing support with qualified and trained doctors, nurses we have high-end dialysis machines dedicated to these population.

  • Computerized dialysis machines,
  • CRRT machines – (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy)
  • Hemodiafiltration machines are dedicated to serve patients with critical AKI

Kauvery Hospital also launched the Advance Dialysis Technologist’s Training Course that will upgrade the skills of those technicians who are the backbone of providing dialysis care to this patient population.


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