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At Kauvery Hospital we strongly believe in creating an environment that promotes healing while experiencing the warmth of your home.

Our gratuitous services include

  • Organized and integrated service and care, all through your stay, at the hospital
  • A patient liaison to assist with appointments, scheduling laboratory tests, and assisting you with the hospital registration and billing
  • Facilitation with your travel, lodging and receiving the patient, family members or caregivers at the airport
  • Coordinating all care services all through the patient’s stay at our hospital
  • Aiding follow-up with your personal referring doctor

Rooms at our Hospital Campuses

The individual rooms, suites are all designed to provide the patient and their accompanying attendants, maximum comfort. The rooms are spacious, decorated in light soothing colors, with telephone facility and a television. The room is also furnished with a daybed for the accompanying attendant. Each room or suite has its own bathroom.

Our team comprising International Concierges, Interpreters, Billing Assistance and other associated non-medical staff are all trained to provide efficient assistance, based on step-by-step procedures to ensure your visit is successful, comfortable and positive.

Every patient will receive a checklist that will help you prepare for the journey. The checklist will comprise of medical information, travel and accommodation arrangements, insurance, payment options, and procedures post-arrival at our medical facility.

Kauvery's Personalised Health Check Up is tailor-made to suit your health and lifestyle.

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    Patient or Patient’s representative begin their initial conversation with our International Service Coordinator to help connect you to a specialist, surgeon, physician or to other medical professionals.

    In case a patient is referred by their physician, a letter from the referring physician will have to be submitted confirming patient’s need for treatment / medical care. The letter must be from a physician / specialist who is familiar with patient’s medical condition.

    Provide all essential medical information such as Test Reports, List of medications taken / prescribed, any existing, and additional medical records.

    • Test Reports comprising both past and present tests performed on the patient
    • Copies of prescriptions / list of medications together with allergic reactions to any medications
    • Medical history of the patient (diagnostic reports, images, etc).

    International patients and their accompanying entourage require a medical visa. We will provide the patient / their attending family members with a Letter of Necessity to support the application for a medical visa to visit India. Our staff will also provide all assistance with the paperwork that required to complete the process of applying for a visa. Accompanying family members or attendant are advised to apply for a medical visa too, for faster processing.

    If any travel or accommodation is required our concierge will be able to provide all assistance.

    In case an interpreter is required, we request you to ask for one and our concierge will connect you to an interpreter who will assist you.

    Now that the initial steps have been taken to get started, the next step is to get an appointment.