Cardiac Health of Women

There is a common misconception that women are at a lower risk of getting a heart attack. However, this is not true. Women have some unique risk factors. In general, oestrogen, a female hormone, is cardio-protective. As its levels wane around menopause, women come under risk.

Even in their reproductive ages, a physically inactive life, increasing body weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, smoking and oral contraceptives may adversely affect this relative premenopausal protection.

Classical warning symptoms of coronary artery disease, like angina on exertion, may not occur in women. Instead breathlessness and fatigue on exertion may present more often.

Women also tend to postpone a cardiac consultation.

A perimenopausal woman, is advised a thorough cardiac assessment every 2 years. Kauvery Hospital offers various diagnostic tests and health packages to suit the age, budget, health parameters and health goals.

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