The Humblest Wonder

Feels so close feels so near
Like the most graceful illusion
But science tells me you’re real
Drifting so low in the earthly sky
I feel no need to soar and fly
For I could reach my hand out
And there you would be
Bathed in a fragile light
Wearing no pain or agony

Seeming so free yet tied so tight
They say you don’t even own your own light
Yet everywhere I look you stand there
Wrapped in a blanket of sheen
Listening to earth’s sweetest songs and loudest screams
Witnessed days of violent war and days of peace
All the events which sculpt history

Not calling for attention or making noise
Just flowing through the sky with the most sophisticated poise
Your rocky crevices and grey stains
The way you fade when the dark hue of night turns to day

I stare at you with awe
And when you’re not to be seen
I find my eyes searching the sky

Listening to the clouds’ subtle sighs
Thinking come back soon
The humblest wonder
The magnificent moon

Excerpt from “The See-Saw Souls” by
Kaanthal Manikandan