Valiant Velvet Paws

Under the warmth of velvet paws

While through days of tinted air and almond-scented breeze you stroll.

Sheltered with love and gifted with an old sock

When you think yourself the most evil soul


Eyes which house the purest empathy caress your crying self

And strangely increase their flooding love when the most terrible person in you dwells

When the rest of the human society

Hurt and vandalize

Until your cherry cheeks turn blue


Canine beauties, the ideal models of what man should aspire to be

But I doubt, if such a godly state man could ever reach

Canine perfections, who turn grey scenes into bustling green

Without care if the colors they create, they’ll ever be able to see

In a sea of wicked the shining coral they feel


Why would a being so flawless and piercingly kind

Ever be made to encounter man’s mind?


The excruciating agony which I’m subjected to

Is to watch these glorious entities live in pain

Their only longing to be tight within in someone’s arms

To supply love to their humans every grain and infuse it into every vein


The purpose of their existence they choose to with immense joy make

Is to put their ever-so-precious lives at sake

To wipe away the tear on their humans’ face.


Excerpt from “The See-Saw Souls” by 

Kaanthal Manikandan