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My Dear K-Way Readers,

Welcome to June!

The mid months of the year are surely the time for relaxation, it’s the most awaited time of the year.

Even as we ease into June, the summer heat still remains intense. Several parts of the country are experiencing temperatures well above 40 degrees. Please click here to read May K-Way to take all the necessary precautions to stay cool and safe.

Summer vacations are like the rewards after tiring annual routine work, home chores, exams etc.

However, the beginning of June is like a wake up alarm, to get back to our routine, get back to schools and universities.

The annual activity of covering and labelling books, getting uniforms ready, checking out admissions and surely as parents we have to deal with helping the kids cope up with the back-to-school anxiety.


Infancy & Childhood

Parental Involvement

Parents’ role is irreplaceable. June 1st observed as the Global Day of Parents is a day that recognises this critical role parents play in nurturing their children.

To mark this day, Dr Prithika Chary, our senior neurologist and neurosurgeon, has penned two poems which capture the essence of childhood and parenting.

Happy reading and a very Happy Parents Day!


The Positive Parenting Toolkit

Positive Parenting

Greetings to my “Maa Kauvery” Family!

Positive parenting sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Imagine a world where children are obedient well-adjusted angels, tantrums are a thing of the past, and family life is a never-ending montage of heartwarming moments. It’s the stuff of Instagram feeds and parenting magazines! But in reality, parenthood comes with desperation, helplessness and self-doubts. It’s a natural response to the challenges that come with raising children. However, it’s important to remember that positive parenting is a journey, and embracing it with confidence can make all the difference.


Recommended Skin Care for Teenagers and Young Adults

Recommended Skin Care for Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenage years are not simple because there are so many new changes happening such as peer pressure, academic pressure, hormonal changes and other things. Teenagers experience many changes in their body, emotions and thinking. Teenagers almost always have distressing skin issues which require medical attention. Common conditions include pimples, greasy skin, sun damaged skin, blackheads, whiteheads, undesirable body and facial hair, warts and eczema. These changes are mainly brought about by changes in body hormone levels.

These changes can be intimidating and overwhelming for teenagers, and they also want an immediate remedy. This also puts a lot of pressure on the parents. Hence, appropriate directions should be given.


Amblyopia or Lazy Eye Syndrome

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye Syndrome

Amblyopia occurs due to continuous or frequent deprivation of the visual-sensory

stimulus of the light sensitive layer called the retina. When one eye sees a clearer image of the object and the other eye sees a blurred image of the same object, the brain may try to make the eye see clearly. But after a while the brain “shuts off” or neglects blurred inputs from the affected eye and this eye in due course becomes a lazy eye. It most commonly occurs unilaterally and is rarely bilateral.


My Baby’s First Week - What Does a Healthy Baby Do?

Baby’s First Week

New-borns have a very powerful sense of smell and they can recognize their mother’s own breast milk

How often babies breastfeed Roughly, a newborn should feed a minimum of 8 times in a day during the initial weeks.


Fainting Episodes in Children - Can They Be Related to Heart Disease?

Fainting Episodes in Children

“The poor child was standing in the scorching sun for so long that she suddenly fainted.”

“He must have fainted because he often comes to school without eating breakfast.”

“The naughty child was reprimanded by the teacher and she immediately fainted.”

“Fainting is common in children, there is no need to see a doctor.”


Enhancing Spine Health in Children: A Guide for Parents on Parents' Day

Spine Health

In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in spine-related issues among children and youngsters. This is mainly due to, long sitting hours, carrying heavy school bags, and lack of physical activity. As a spine surgeon, I find Parents’ Day to be a perfect opportunity to emphasize the critical importance of spinal health in children. A healthy spine is a cornerstone of overall body development and plays a critical role in the child’s well-being. Here are detailed insights and actionable advice you as a parent can take to support and enhance your child’s spine health:


Flying Angels 2024 | Kauvery Hospital

Flying Angels 2024 | Kauvery Hospital

10 technicians from Anaesthesia, OT and CATH lab across all the units of Kauvery were taken on an unforgettable flight journey. These individuals, who had never experienced flying before, embarked on a journey that touched their hearts. All the technicians from different units reached Chennai on Day 1, followed by an exhilarating flight to Bangalore for a two-day adventure. Listen to their heartfelt gratitude for this beautiful experience organized by Kauvery Hospital.


Patient Experience

Patient Experience testimonials

Came for body checkup in Kauvery Hospital and it was a wonderful experience in the overall infrastructure and coordination. All staffs are friendly and understanding of the patients needs. Special thanks to Grace madam for a seamless coordination and handling patients queries.


Recipe of the Month

Mango Sago

A dessert that is perfect for the summer season, this luscious mango-based pudding is a dreamy end to every meal.

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Mango Sago