Dr. R. M. Subbaiah*

Consultant Hemato-Oncology, Kauvery Hospital, Trichy, India

*Correspondence: drrms5@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Subbaiah

Atlas Of Haematology And Hematooncology


Diagnosis: Xanthelasma


Diagnosis: Eschar over scrotum in case of Scrub typhus. Serology was positive for Scrub typhus IgM and he has transaminitis, pseudo thrombocytopenia


Diagnosis: Sclerodactyly is a localized thickening and tightness of the skin of the fingers or toes that yields a characteristic claw-like appearance of the affected digits, and renders them immobile or of limited mobility. This is a patient with limited scleroderma or CREST syndrome (Calcinosis cutis, Raynaud phenomenon, Esophageal dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia).


Diagnosis: Tear drop cells (dacryocytes) and anisopoikilocytosis characteristic of a myelophthisic anemia (infiltrative marrow pathology).


Diagnosis: Skin vasculitic lesions in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus.