Beads of Nature’s Rattle

What simple re-arrangement can accomplish!

To not just tidy the sweet home

But twist the structure of tangible objects- astonish!

Atoms like Nature’s toddler toys

Matched and missed can create souls.


The atoms of my cradled hands

Might have once been contained

In the darling leaves of some silk cotton tree

Their dangling feet in water remain.


The cells which compose the peculiar thoughts

In the cherished troves of my mind

Were once possessions of the simple bee that sought

Nectar coated sunlight in waxy shrines.


Perhaps the eyes which when light did tease

To show me a world, divine

Were once as cinnamon barks in a village nook grind

Or a damselfly’s lively psyche.


For what now I hold mine

Once made the world

Carved the universe

These very atoms, precious within.


If what now makes me

Once made that broken bird

Then to hate it-

A dangerous double-edged sin.


Kaanthal Manikandan