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About TNNMC Award

Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses may be differentiated from other healthcare providers by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice. The tireless services rendered by the nursing personnel most of the time goes unnoticed and unrecognized. It is quiet imperative that their service should come to the limelight and they are acknowledged in the society with due regards.

With this note, every year Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council (TNNMC) recognizes the distinctive contribution made individually by nurses under five categories such as Best ANM, Best Clinical Nurse, Best Nurse Educator, Best Nurse Administrator and Life Time Achievement.  The Awards are open to all ANMs/HVs, Nurses and Midwives, Nurse Educators and Nurse Administrators registered under Tamilnadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Chennai. The Awards recognizes the outstanding professional accomplishments made within the public and private hospitals, community healthcare sector and educational institutions. This year TNNMC has included a new set of award as “Corona Warriors of Covid-19” Award.

Corona Warriors of Covid-19 Award

The eligibility Criteria given by the TNNMC for this award category was:

  1. The “Whomsoever it may concern” Certificate to be obtained from the concerned Hospital Nursing Superintendent only. Format given below.
  2. The applicant/nominee should be in Live Registry of TNNMC.
  3. The applicant/nominee applying for the award fromTamilnadu, Andaman and Puducherry should be currently working in respective State/Union Territory for a minimum period of 5 years.

Award Winners

Among the Nurses nominated for this award from Tamilnadu, Andaman and Puducherry, around 30+ Nurses were selected from the Government Hospitals and 6 Nurses were selected from Private Hospitals. Among the selected 6 nurses working in the private hospitals, two members were from our Kauvery Hospitals. They were Ms. Farzana from Kauvery Hospital Cantonment and Mr. Mathivannan from Kauvery Hospital, Hosur. Dr J. Radhakrishnan, I.A.S, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai honoured the award winners with Rs.5000 /- Cash prize, a memento and a certificate.


Mathivannan’s experience during COVID


“Initially I felt so scared to do Covid Duty, as I was not much aware about the disease condition. There was a feeling or assumption that I may be infected and/ or infect my family members. My family members were also scared that, if I am infected, there may be no one to take care of me.  But the entire management team encouraged us. Dr. Vijayabaskaran, Dr. Aravindan and the entire management team supported us, advised us to take proper precautions and to wear proper PPE, Because of their support and motivation we were able to take the initiative to go for Covid duty. Initially, we felt difficulty in wearing PPE, later we were able to manage the situation. But as the number of cases increased, it was more challenging. Particularly during the second wave, we struggled a lot as the patient inflow was so high, and it was so intense, that most of the cases were critical and required artificial respiratory support like CPAP. But, beyond all this, we felt really satisfied and happy when all our patients were discharged from the hospital successfully and went home. Lots of patients, who felt they were in their death beds during the covid pandemic, have been coming for review now-a-days and they are healthy. That makes me so happy and satisfied”.

“Even though I belong to Emergency Department, I volunteered myself from our department for the covid duty. Initially wearing PPE was difficult, eyes will become blurred and sweating was heavy. We felt the difficulty for nearly a month, then we got used to it and we managed. Initially the patient inflow was little less, so that we could take care of 2-3 patients, but as the cases increased it was nearly 15-30 patients in each shift. Management supported us with all supportive work force from housekeeping department, and arranged food for us. We were asked to quarantine ourselves in separate hotel rooms so that we were able to protect our family and other colleagues who are in hostel.”

Mathivannan, about his award: “I gave my best duringthis covid duty; when most of my colleagues refused, I volunteered myself to take care of all covid patients. I was able to manage many critical cases and that made me different from others. I was so happy to receive this award. My family members did not know much about this and they did not realize my work that I saved lots of lives. So, when I came in all News channels for receiving this award, they were so happy.

After I received this award, our Management welcomed me with cake cutting ceremony, with a flower bouquet, which was an unexpected surprise for me. The award ceremony was held in a very grand manner at Chennai. I was expecting lots of young nurses of my age from each district of Tamil Nadu. However, almost all of the nurses who got this award were above 35 years and 30 of them were from Government sector. Only six members from Private, and among the six, one from Kauvery hospital- Hosur and another one from Kauvery Hospital-Cantonment. I am the only male nurse who got this award and I am super proud about it. I was so happy to receive this award from Dr. Radhakrishnan in a very big stage and in front of all esteemed dignitaries.

I should thank entire management for nominating me to receive this prestigious award, representing our hospital. If I had chosen to work somewhere else, I might have not got this opportunity. I am very happy to work in Kauvery Hospital and to get this award on behalf of our hospital”


Farzana’s experience during COVID

“I re-joined Kauvery after one year of work at Saudi and I have 10 years of work experience at Kauvery Hospital Cantonment Emergency Department. However, when I re-joined I was posted for Covid duty in Tennur unit and it took some time for me to get used to the system and the process. Within 2-3 days, I was able to provide care to the Covid patients like I used to take care of non-covid patients. I gained confidence and courage to take care of Covid patients, so I opted for full time Covid duty and management supported us a lot in terms of meeting all our needs and patient needs. Even though I have experience of working in only Emergency department, I was able to manage working in Covid duty and I am very happy about it. When I started my Covid duty, at Tennur the number of Covid patients was very less but as the patient inflow increased, it was difficult to manage. Yet we worked as a team, the nursing team and the doctors supported us a lot in handling the crisis. By the time we started Covid care in Cantonment, we were prepared well enough to handle any situation with our experience that we gained during the first wave at Tennur unit.

Being a Kauverian and having 10 years of experience at Kauvery I am super proud that only because of the name of Kauvery, I was selected as an award winner among the six people who were from all over Tamil Nadu in the category of private sector.”

Farzana, about her award

“I was not much aware about this award initially as this was the first time we heard about this category of award. When I got a call from TNNMC, I did not believe that I have been selected as an awardee as they approached me for the bank details as well for encashment prize amount. Being selected for this new category award – Covid Warrior- in the first time itself was really an unexpected surprise for me. After 2 months of interval period, I got a mail from TNNMC regarding the award ceremony they organized for this at Chennai and that too it was arranged with Dr Radha Krishnan as the Chief Guest. I was overwhelmed and that time only I realized the importance and weightage of this award and I shared the news with all my friends, relatives and nursing heads. My family did not realize about this award ceremony and even I did not expect a grand program like this one. Almost all the award winners were Government staff nurses; I was so happy that I was selected as a Kauverian from Trichy district. Having worked in Kauvery for 10 years, I am super proud that I got a good name and recognition.

The big surprise for me was that, when I opened my WhatsApp status, almost all the status of my friends, relatives and hospital colleagues were about my picture, with lots of wishes. I got calls from all nursing heads congratulating me on my award. I did not get an opportunity to talk during the award ceremony, if so I might have spoken a lot about my Kauvery’s work experience and my journey to this success. During New Year ceremony, Dr. Senguttuvan, our executive director opted my name to cut the cake and I was so happy about it. I should thank my entire management team who supported and encouraged me during this pandemic and for this success”.

My message to my junior nurses: “I had worked in Covidfor a very short time. There are so many young and senior nurses who had worked equally like me and I would like to dedicate this to all of them as this is only a team effort. Among all, my name was selected as a representative. This award is going to be given yearly once, so I wish my junior nurses also to receive this award”.


N. Gethsial Kiruba

Senior Executive – Quality and Training