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Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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dr venkita suresh

Dear colleagues

KAUVERIAN”s first Independence Day issue is here!

Appropriately enough, we launch it with the autobiography of an independent – thinking and illustrious neuroscientist – Dr. Prithika Chary. None in Kauvery who shall be reading this were born at the time India became independent. Independence did not come easy, it came with many pains to the generation that pined for it, but with one gain – freedom from humiliating colonial governance. Very appropriately again, the author talks about her own pains and gains.

The Mucormycosis saga shall continue. We shall bring the next set of reports, from Dr. Hari Meyyappan and collegues from Trichy and Dr. Anbuchezhian and coleagues from Hosur, on 01 Sep


In the same vein, Dr.Bhuvaneswari and Ms. Gayathri’s blog on the gamut of neurological manifestations of COVID that presented at Chennai is being published here, and the main body of work is under preparation for publication nationally/internationally.

Another FAST TRACK publication in the KAUVERIAN is a seminal paper on ABOi Renal Transplantation, a pioneer innovation and adventure, from our intrepid Nephro-Uro team at Chennai, ably supported by our anaesthesiologists, nurses and other members of the team.

We publish a case report from Dr. Suresh Chelliah et al. whose team from Trichy is now familiar to, and greatly admired, by our readers as the most prolific group of authors who gift us with brilliant case reports which are models of brevity, clarity and novelty and are at once educative and though – provoking.

Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran’s juggernaut of a books rolls out with another valuable clinical parable.

Three authors surprise us with their spontaneous and swift response to my plea for diagnostic images.

Dasa writes about the statistics of the significance of correlations.

Kaanthal muses about subliminal sublimes. She suggests you look high, but know that the small things are sublime.

Happy Independence Day.