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Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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Dear colleagues

We publish a “patient’s voice” – a patient’s perception of pulmonology. We also give you the link to a case report on this patient, published in the Chennai Kauvery Hospital IMA Journal. You would notice how remarkably accurate is the patient’s perception of her disease.

This is a striking reminder that times have changed. Many patients are highly knowledgeable about their disease. It is time we treat them as partners, stake holders in a joint venture, a mission to make the patients’ life better and the illness more jointly manageable.

We publish two original studies on Mucormycosis from two Kauvery Hospitals.

From Drs. Hari Meyyappan, Hari Prasad, Balaji, Abhishek Johnson Babu, Ganesh Kumar from Trichy comes “COVID-19 associated mucormycosis: efforts and challenges”, a study on 74 patients.

From Dr. Anbuchezhian from Hosur comes “COVID-19 and mucormycosis: the dual threat,” a study on 36 patients.

Both papers come in a special blog format, so that they shall not jeopardize their chances of being published in their full – fledged form in national or international journals.

Two books shall now beserialized in the KAUVERIAN, Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran”s “Learning from experience” and Prof. Dr. CMK. Reddy’s “The consultation room”.

The former gives youtwo stunning reports of life – threatening upper airway obstruction. The latter gives you a “Room with a view”, a unique perspective into cultivation of soft skills in medicine.

Dr. Reddy quotes Prof. JM. Zimmerman, Johns Hopkins University.

“Practice of medicine is more an art than science. The time I spend in my office is more taxing on my expertise than when I’m in the operation room”.

Dr. Reddy adds: “To be a successful Doctor, besides medicine, one should also master psychology and philosophy in dealing with patients”.

Trauma and OCD – A Case of a Boy with Dark Fears by Dr. Yamini Kannappan, Tinu Thambi and Aishwariya Ramesh is a haunting tale of Paediatric OCD that is distinct from the occasional uncomfortable thoughts and common childhood worries. It is more intense and persistent and the experience more disturbing and complex. Their case report describes OCD in a 11-year-old boy.

“Dr. Arunagiri et al give you two case reports with one lesson- ” When to operate and when not to operate!”

Like William Shekespeare did with “Hamlet!”

To be or not to be?

We are delighted to receive in response to our request a brilliant diagnostic image from Dr. Pushkala, Consultant Pediatrician, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, which vividly illustrates a ‘ not to be missed diagnosis” on a simple plain X-ray of the abdomen

Kaanthal’s poem is about “Just a leaf,” but whispers to you that “Magic is at work”

Journal scan beams at your publications from around the world on recent, and significant, research.

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