Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

Dear colleagues.

Many “First time authors to the KAUVERIAN” feature in this issue!

Dr, Prabakaran, our Consultant in Blood Transfusion, writes the dramatic guesteditorial on TRALI- Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury.

Orthopedics make a strong and bony impact on this issue! Dr. Ramasamy, senior member on our editorial board, writes this time as a first author of three case reports. Dr. Alagumalai, a young first time author, has been graciously launched by Dr. Chockalingam,. who writes on Lengthening the shorter leg.

A young and first-time author, Dr. S. Kumaresh, reminds you of Sherlock Holmes when he publishes in this issue his Curious case report on Kanvali Kizhangutoxicity

We have a debut poet, a young poet new to the KAUVERIAN, Vidya Vijay, who writes : The stream of life . She writes that life is a stream, and with it flowsour wavy dreams.

Dr. Subbaiah writes on Catastrophic bleeding with Vit K antagonists and managing with Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC): a practice changer.

Suryaprabha, our senior executive, clinical research, who attended the ICMR course on Basics of Clinical Research reviews the course for the benefit of post graduate residents who missed the opportunity to attend the free course. The Course material is available on the ICMR website.

Dr. Prabhaharan, Technical Editor – Kauverian continues on our  How to series, on  How to organize mortality meetings/audits where you hear the voice of our patients from the other world, and the last lesson they wish to impart to us on the circumstances of their departure from this world

We conclude Dr. Nimisha’s thesis with this issue and  shall begin with the  next issue  publication of another thesis from our DNB residents.

Our eminent teachers, Dr. Vasanthi and Dr. Reddy, graciously go on to share their gems of experience with us.

Dhasaratharaman, our ‘ Numbers’ guru, has Measuring Association in Case-Control Studies, forus, in this issue

Dr. Subbaiah gives us a stunning diagnostic image of Oral Graft versus hostdisease in a post allogeneic bone marrow transplant patient withMyelofibrosis from his collection.

I have scanned the last two week’s journals for gems, for you. Paper no 6 would amuse you, Dr. Male writes about Menstrual changes after covid-19vaccination.!

I have recommended some good reading for you: Smedley writes in BBC.com about CouldmRNA make us superhuman? mRNA has emerged from obscurity into thelimelight, to receive a curtain call and a standing ovation in honour of the high efficacy Covid vaccines it helped to create

As always, I conclude by requesting you to read, and write for, the KAUVERIAN.