Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

*Correspondence: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

Dear Kauverians,

The KAUVERIAN, 08 Oct issue leads with an exotic title – “Frozen Elephant Trunk procedure in Chronic Aortic Dissection” from the CTVS team at Chennai.

Two reports follow from Heart City, and together the three publications shall conclude World Heart Week which began on 29 Sep 23

Dr. Aravindkumar mentors Sujibala to write on Eisenmenger, and Haridha Devi to write on De Winter’s sign.

Both the young doctors are already Kauverian authors.

Sivera Samson Raj returns to the Journal from Chennai after a long hiatus, with Eucalyptus Oil poisoning.

Dr. Karpagambal Sairam, is a guest – author on this issue. She, a prolific speaker on ObGyn, shares the highlights- the take-home points- from her ” coming of age talk” given recently on  ‘Understanding Puberty.’

Dasa’s Interns in Statistics, Kiriba and Shriram, like Charlie’s Angels, publish their joint maiden paper

” Importance of Statistics in health care”.

The KAUVERIAN and NIGHTINGALE encourage and guides the young people who opt to intern at Kauvery Hospitals to launch the first publication of their career with us.

Our celebrated book- authors Drs Vasanthi Vidyasagaran and Dr. Yeshwanth, share gems of their clinical practice experience with us, chapter by chapter.

Journal Scan brings you as ever the essence of papers that ought not to be missed.

Dr. Subbiah’s diagnostic image is in honour of Kauvery Hospitals’ first evet Clinical Hematology Conference being held this Sunday at Salem.

Our Court Poet Balasubramani from Salem poetically concludes the issue with two of his poems.

Do read, and write for, the KAUVERIAN!