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Dear colleagues,

On 16 October 2022, on World Anaesthesia Day, the Kauverian dedicates its special edition, in two parts, part 1 & 2, to students and teachers of Anaesthesia at eight Kauvery Hospitals who together do their best to keep our patients safe.

They have achieved the dream once thought impossible, especially in a world that is constantly besieged by strange diseases and grim deaths – that there would be no such thing as an anaesthetic death.

It was only your parents who were with you when you went to sleep and were still there when you woke.

Only the anaesthesiologists earned that memorable and grateful tribute from patients as the “doctors who put you to sleep and make sure that you wake up”.

The anaesthesiologists at our eight Kauvery Hospitals, who you all know so well , made this issue possible by encouraging their colleagues and mentoring their students to write for this unique edition that carries papers from ALL eight!

We open with a guest editorial from a revered teacher, which is followed by a paper from our newest and youngest DNB Resident.

Teachers and students, their interactions, their posing the right questions and searching for the right answers, their doubts and worries about both, and the knowledge, skill and wisdom thus crystallized from the simmering cauldron of clinical experience are what that shall keep our patients safe, our science vibrant and our institution great.

The Kauverian is delighted to bring you the first part of the special edition today.

Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran, sets the pace with her guest editorial “The brave new world of Anaesthesia”. She assures you that “As long as there is the human race, Anaesthesia as a speciality shall prevail’. She raises the curtain on the issue with her promise “The unique specialty of Anaesthesia shall hover and guard over the lives of patients all over the world, in a kind, quiet and efficient way’.

The baby of the specialty picks up the baton from Dr. VV. Alisha Margarette from Hosur writes on ‘Anesthetic considerations in Wilson’s disease’.

Dr. Mohan from Bengaluru brings you the “The painful story behind modern Anaesthesia!”.

Dr. Nagesh and colleagues, also from Bengaluru discuss the “Anesthesia considerations in a patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis”.

Dr. Mohammed Najibulla from Chennai presents an overview of “Total intravenous anaesthesia”.

Dr. Mahalakshmi from Chennai addresses a major challenge “Risk stratification for cardiac patients coming for non-cardiac surgeries”.

Dr. Karthick Raja, from Chennai defines the “Anaesthesiologist’s role in fluoroscopic guided epidural steroid injections for low back pain”.

Dr. Nivetha, from Chennai, alerts us with “Awake Craniotomy”.

Dr. Vivek Bangaru carries the Salem flag with his paper on “Malpositioned central venous catheter: Stepwise approach to avoid, identify and manage catheter malposition”.

Dr. Lakshmanan and colleagues carry the Nellai flag and add their experience on the same subject with “Malposition of central venous catheter: Presentation and management”.

Dr. Suresh Babu et al, hold the Nellai flag even higher with “Successful treatment of over-dose with multiple antihypertensive drugs”.

Dr. Sushmithaa from Trichy presents “Benefits outweighing risk: Neuraxial anaesthesia in a patient with Spina Bifida with operated Meningomyelocele’. Trichy is now a major neurosurgical centre in south Tamil Nadu.

Representing the Heart City, Dr. Karuppiah and colleagues walk through an anaesthesiologist’s perspective of “Pain-free CABG: newer horizon of minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery”.

Dr. Subashini, Dr, Joseph and colleagues from Trichy present a ‘heart stopper’ of a case report! “Stellate Ganglion Block: A bridge to cervical sympathectomy in refractory Long QT Syndrome”.

Our maestro at Trichy, the inimitable Dr. KSK, who sowed the seeds for this issue, also signals an ‘interval’ on this show, with a seminal work from him and colleagues”. Venous Malformation in Upper Airway – Anesthetic Challenges and Management”.

Fifteen papers await your interest.

Ten shall follow! May be more ! We are still counting the arrivals in the inbox!

Do read, and write for the Kauverian!

Best regards