Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

Dear Kauverians,

Our 08 Nov 23 edition shall be an extraordinary, exceptional, invigorating and, hopefully inspiring, SPECIAL ISSUE of the KAUVERIAN!


Clinical Audits are a lot like deciding to go on a diet, start exercising or giving up alcohol- often contemplated but never done!

This Landmark Issue of the KAUVERIAN represents a major mile stone in our uncompromising journey towards perfecting patient care, persevering to earn patient satisfaction and progressing our real knowledge- by organizing, analyzing, presenting and publishing KAUVERY DATA!

It is a near impossible feat- simultaneous publication of SEVEN audits, that come parading after a perfect lead paper by Dr. Chockalingam, on Introduction to clinical audits.

Dr. Chockalingam inspires this project. He also writes the Guest Editorial on Clinical Audits.

Dr. Rajesh orchestrates their presentation at meetings every fortnight.

The Audits have come from different specialties – Cardiology, Diabetology, Critical Care, Anaesthesia, Oncology Orthopedics and Digital Medicine!

Dr. S. Aravind Kumar opens the innings through the audit of his data on a topic of very high contemporary relevance CAD in the Young.

Dr. KSK bats brilliantly next, with his quintessential audit, a model audit with results that are spectacular on Post dural puncture headache.

Dr. Saravanakumar steps in to bat fearlessly, with Quality Indicators in the ICU.

Dr. Surendera Kumar, Surgical Oncologist, presents an extraordinary audit – Rate of Malignancy in Indeterminate Ovarian Cyst – A Process Audit.

Dr. Gowri charmingly and thoughtfully presents Patterns of needle disposal among insulin using patients with Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr. Kalaivanan winds up the Super Six audits with his Vitamin-D Levels for all patients (including elderly Patients with Fracture Neck of Femur) attending Kauvery Specialty Cantonment Tertiary Care Hospital.

Dr. Srinath, our youngest author, presents Data from Life Signs!

We complement these Super Seven with a very Special Three clinical reports, all from debut authors to the KAUVERIAN.

The perfect case report, a model par excellence, comes from Kovilambakkam, the second seminal paper to come from this center (The first was on DKA in a young surrogate mother). Age is just a number comes from Dr. Meenakshi Paramasivan, Clinical Lead Womens Imaging, Kauvery Hospitals on Radial Road, Chennai. She debuts on this issue. She reports a remarkable instance of CA Breast in the Young, with precise and pristine details. The patient received Breast Conservation Surgery.

Dr. Archana Viswanathan arrived just two weeks back as the FIRST PG resident on our brand new DNB Emergency Medicine program. She debuts with her first ever paper SVT with aberrant conduction, after Gastrectomy for Ca Stomach.

Dr. Ramu is not new to Kauvery Trichy; he is a young veteran, a Consultant at the ER of Trichy Cantonment Hospital. But he at last debuts in the KAUVERIAN with Acute Aortic Dissection.


On display on or before 08 Nov 23.

Do read, and write for the KAUVERIAN