Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

dr venkita suresh

Dear colleagues,

In Kauvery, Data is King, Queen and Citizen!

As quaternary and tertiary hospitals, where we practise cutting edge medicine and undertake complex, sophisticated and effective surgeries, interventions, procedures and processes, and conduct post graduate and graduate programs for health care professionals at all levels. We are required to harvest and analyze the vast and varied data that represents our good work and its outcomes, and not seek easy refuge behind single case reports that are like shrubs on the fringe of a rich forest.

We open with three thumping original works from Trichy, the oasis for clinical audits.

Dr. Fazal Ilahi presents his results on Mechanical Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke at Trichy.

Dr. Karthik Raman makes his debut appearance with his work at Heart City on Superficial Chest Wound Infections Post Sternotomy.

Dr. Abhishek Johnson Babu showcases the Expertise and Experience at Trichy in Dental Implants.

Two large studies in Orthopedics come from Dr. Chocklingam and colleagues at Trichy. These are being republished to reach a larger audience.

Dr. Krupakaran et al present their study on management of Pediatric Septic Arthritis.

Dr. Yogesh et al analyze Femoral Neck Fractures in Octogenarians.

Dr K. Senthilkumar and Dr. Sushmitha report on Airway Management during surgery for a huge thyroid.

We are delighted to publish the down to earth and practical’ Kauvery Post Graduate Lecture on Cardiac Arrhythmias in the ER setting, rendered by Dr. Suhas Sagar, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Kauvery ECB.

Mahendran is marching stridently ahead with his meticulous,  painstaking  and statistically sound work on Pediatric Occupational Therapy at HAMSA, Trichy and reports on ‘Tactile- spatial Oriented Approach to Infantile Hemiplegia’

Rengaraj, Physician Assistant at Trichy, reports on Guillain Barre Syndrome which always confronts us with unique challenges on each occasion.

Dr. Subburethina Bharathi writes to us about ‘Corporate Citizenship in Healthcare: Nurturing Social Responsibility” and about Kauvery” s contributions to CSR.

Drs Vasanthi Vidyasagaran and Dr. Yashwanth share with us vignettes from their rich and varied clinical experience, which are highly educational.

This edition of Journal Scan moans the recent death of a young doctor and summarizes the papers on Poisoning published  this month in  Elseviers’ MEDICINE’ .

The “Recommended Reading” brings to your attention seminal publications that deserve your kind attention..

The last of them is harrowing, and is on Paraquat which took the young doctor’ life.

Our poet is never away from pen and paper. Balasubramani from Salem brings you messages from nature.

And with that, we close.

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