Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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dr venkita suresh

Dear colleagues

01 Mar is “Celebration Day” at the KAUVERIAN!

We have a rain of articles from our accomplished colleagues!,

The lead article from

Dr. S. Aravinda Kumar on Heart Transplantation is perfectly timed. Kauvery Hospital Chennai announced on 24 Feb the discharge of it’s patient with a heart transplant. Dr. SAK places the current status of Heart Transplant in perspective.

Three senior consultants are at our Journal Club chatting, on three issues.

Dr. Karpagambal comments on a NEJM paper on Azithromycin to prevent Sepsis or death in women planning a vaginal birth.

Dr. Amarnath expresses his thoughts on a BMJ paper on MRLN sparing radiotherapy.

Dr. Chockalingam evaluates the article published by Proximie, an independent organization, on Patient Safety in Surgery.

Dr. Dominic Rodriguez, the ultimate physician, highlights a subject often left in the dark- Adult Immunization, a neglected life saver.

Surprise! Surprise! Two kings of kings come together in the KAUVERIAN!

Dr. R. Rajarajan, the neurologist, writes on “Icing the Eyes’ and Dr. T. Rajarajan, the nephrologist, writes on Doppler Vascular Mapping in creation of an AVF.

Oncology is at last back on the KAUVERIAN, thanks to Dr. Smruthi Vikraman! She writes with brilliant clarity and brevity on Cosmesis preserving Cancer Cure!

Our clinical pharmacists are on a roll.

Anwar Deen, who has just become a father, finds time to write on both Pulmonary Hypertension and Portal Hypertension.

Chandru, a fresh graduate of Pharm D, on internship here, writes on Drug Induced Cardiotoxicity.

Dhasaratharaman, the good Samaritan who always comes to rescue those who are struggling to swim in the sea of statistics, writes on Case Study Method.

Dr Subbaiah’s collage of diagnostic images never fails to excite our curiosity and is here to stimulate you.

Our serialized books are rivers of knowledge. Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran addresses two issues:

  • Mentally challenged adult patient, about to undergo a dental procedure
  • CO2 embolism in Laparoscopic surgery

Dr. Ambedkar writes on the one thing that is certain to confront you-the uncertainties in Medicine.

Fourteen authors write for you in this issue.

A splendid child, Kaanthal Manikandan, winds down the issue with her tantalizingly brief poem about retaining secret memories.

Do read, and write for, the KAUVERIAN.

Best regards,