Kauvery 4th Annual Nursing Conclave N4 – 2021

N. Gethsial Kiruba*

Senior Executive – Quality and Training, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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Namma Nurse Nalla Nurse (N4), is a central forum conducted every year in Trichy where nursing leaders along with their team participate to share best practices and improve bond between Kauvery sister concerns. The 4th Kauvery Annual Nursing Conclave – N4 2021 was conducted on 16 October 2021 at Hotel SRM, Trichy. It was summoned at 9:15 am with a welcome address. and the unfolding of the theme for this year N4 “Nursing Informatics and Tech based Nursing Care” by Ms. Gethsial Kiruba, Senior Executive – Quality and Training.

Plenary Sessions

    1. The first scientific session was on APS & DPS: “How to do Data Analysis? Why is it so important and the impact it creates in reducing costs,” by Ms. Mahalakshmi, Nursing Superintendent, Tennur unit and Ms. Jayamenon, Nursing Superintendent, Cantonment Unit. It was a very interactive session highlighting various methods to analyze the data and its effectiveness in reducing the cost.
    1. The second session was on EMR and Mobile Apps – Experiences and Way forward. Ms. Santhi, Nursing Director, Chennai explained about the EMR and her experiences in initiating it in their unit. Adding to it, Mr. Shyam Sundar from Digital team explained about the process of developing the EMR, challenges they faced and way forward. Mr. Vishnu, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, Hosur, explained about the mobile apps that includes HR app, Quality app and Koach, their benefits and challenges in using it.
    1. The AV team has prepared a N4 video that brought back all the memories of N4 which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants.
    2. The next session was on KOACH module: Experiences and How to record presentations? by Ms. Stella and Ms. Rowena, Clinical Instructors from Chennai. They described the requirements for a KOACH compatible video and showcased their experiences through bloopers that enlivened the participants with humor and fun.
    1. Mortality & Morbidity meetings & learning from them was presented by Ms. Booma, ANS & Nurse Educators from KCN. She explained about the case presentation and encouraged the team to follow WHO International Certification of Causes of Death which is a scientific, systematic, logical, intelligent and sensitive understanding of the causation of Death. This was followed by Dr. Venkita S Suresh, Group Medical Director, who highlighted the importance of Research for Nurses, as practiced by Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, and the lady with the lamp, who was devoted to statistics and used her passion for statistics to improve care and save lives of soldiers.
    1. We had an interesting and vigorous Debate on Theory based interventions vs Tech based interventions where participants from each unit put forth their arguments in a very humored way which made the audience have fun & laugh. The moderator Dr. Chockalingam, Senior Consultant in Orthopedics, concluded it stating that technology enhances the humanized care we provide to the patients and in preventing error, HAI and transforming patient care.
    1. We had special address by Dr. Manivannan, Managing Director, Dr Senguttuvan, Co-Founder and Executive Director, and Dr. T Senthil Kumar, Executive Director which were motivating and encouraging for the nurses as a takeaway messages about blending technology into our health care and making it affordable to patients and families.


    1. In the afternoon, we had a session on ICD Codes: Importance & Common mistakes, by Ms. Esthar Rani, Nursing Superintendent, Heartcity and Ms. Anitha Chandran, Deputy Nursing Superintendent, Salem. With the analyzed data, they presented the common mistakes in ICD coding at Kauvery and highlighted the methods to prevent ICD Code Errors with samples from HMS. This was a new learning for all novice nurses who attended the N4.
    1. Another session was on Care Manager Program by Ms. Praveena from the Digital Strategy team. She discussed the impact it created among the customers we care about and the importance of post discharge follow up of patients periodically. She also highlighted about outside deaths that they captured through this follow-up which is a very good data to analyze the outcome of the care and procedures done at the hospital.
    2. The last and final scientific session was on PMS and Challenges faced by Mr. Veeramanikandan, Regional HR which was also thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, involving them using mobile application in giving feedback about the conference and how to identify star employees from the team and Do’s and Dont’s in PMS.

Various competitions were held and all the units actively participated in the Poster presentation on “Doc Less Care More”, Video Contest on Patient Safety on given themes and Best 5S practices, Kaizen & Lean practices in Nursing, after each presentation Dr Manivannan, Managing Director had given comments on the quality of the message and gave feedback about the presentations. The Units were awarded with Winner & Runner. The programme was ended with vote of thanks by Ms.Kavitha, Manager – Clinical






Around 100 participants were there in the conference from all the units of Kauvery. The objective of the conference was fulfilled and the feedback from the participants was very much appreciated and excellent. Interactive sessions and discussions made better understanding of the information technology being utilized as a platform for governing the entire Clinical forum of Kauvery Group of Hospitals.


“Excellence is not a destination; It is a continuous improvement that never ends” We hope N4 will help us to take our next step as a trusted health care provider in providing affordable health care by blending our care with appropriate technology.

Adieu until N4 2022!!!


N. Gethsial Kiruba

Senior Executive – Quality and Training