The trip on the step

An 85 years aged RK was enjoying her visit to family abroad, in the company of her two daughters, which was shortly coming to a close. She was walking down the stairs when she tripped on the last two. A daughter had noticed her swaying and hitting the side of her head on the wall. But she did not seem worse for the wear and coped.

But over the next two days she seemed to be unsteady, distracted and quiet. They managed to fly back home with her but she gradually deteriorated into confusion, drowsiness, slurred speech and incoordination. When she went to sleep and did not wake up, the family was alarmed. A daughter rightly suspected brain hemorrhage. The family doctor was consulted who advised to rush to Kauvery Hospitals.

Neurological, Neurosurgical, Radiology and Critical Care teams were alerted and the diagnosis of Subdural Hematoma (Bleeding in between the layers that cover the brain from a blood vessel which was injured when her head hit the wall). Prompt evacuation of the blood clot from the brain rescued her. Days later, she walked out of the hospital unassisted, in the company of her daughters.