The sequlae of a sea-voyage

N and R were a very devoted couple. He was a big built man, an ex-sports man. She resigned from work to indulge him. They had a recent holiday in the Pacific, on a cruise ship, during which he stressed a lot on board, walking and climbing. They returned uneventfully but he noticed vague pains Lt leg and chest, along with a cough.

Few days later, while driving back from their farm house, she suddenly found him breathless and coughing, He was collapsing; she managed to drive him to our ER, while trying to keep him conscious and safe in route.

ER fast tracked him to Cath lab and CT Pulmonary Angiography, he was diagnosed to have a massive blood clots in the Main Pulmonary Artery to the lungs which had originated in the veins of the legs. He was thrombolysed, became stable in the ICU and was soon fit for discharge.

Cardiovascular Collapse

It was one cool evening. My husband R and me were just relaxing and enjoying the evening and he happened to say” The poor dog on the farm has had 6 pups, and nobody to feed them”. It had been fifteen days since he had visited the farm last and he planned to go the next morning. He asked me if I would come along and reluctantly I agreed though I was reluctant to let go of my late sleep- in on a weekend! But I felt sorry for my husband who would have to go alone and so decided to accompany him.

The morning sun was up and I woke R up; we quickly got ready with the saved up food for the dog and the pups, which we had been collecting for 15 days. We were happily chatting on the road and decided to have breakfast in a small restaurant on the way as the farm is towards a village named Paddapai. Roque had a small breakfast; and I thought it was too early for me, so I refused and postponed the breakfast to a little later.

We reached Padappai. The mother and the pups were so happy to see us as they were waiting for 15 days for their goodies and a nice fat meal. I sat around and watched my husband feed them, and smiling to himself as they kept eating. Roque found them satisfied with the food, so handed over the milk and the rest of the food to the watchman, directing him to feed them again in the late afternoon.

We pampered the pups and the mother and decided to leave after an hour. We reversed the car and started our drive back. we only drove 500 meters and the watchman called out to us as we had a visitor. So we stopped; the visitor was Mr. Ramesh who had helped us to grow the mango trees. My husband was happy to see him as he, by nature, is a very grateful and affectionate person. I can clearly remember his way of getting off the car, wishing Mr. Ramesh, and thanking him for the great job he had done in planting the mango trees the yield from which has been fantastic. But I saw Roque bending forward like doing some exercise while wishing the visitor good bye.

When R got back into the car on the driver’s seat, he just sat still. I looked at him and asked him “What happened, why don’t you drive?”. His reply shocked me – he said he could not drive. I asked what happened and he said he could not breathe. I just got off the car went towards him to help but he was gasping hard. I asked him if he could move and let me get into the driver’s seat. But he just could not. I look around seeking for help but there was nobody around- only he and me. I did panic but took control of myself. Just then he complained of a stomach pain too and wanted to ease himself. I thought this was a good way to get him out of the car and so helped him out and immediately, with my presence of mind, led him to the rear seat. I sat on the driver’s seat and started driving toward the main road which is around 2.5 kms from the farm. My mind was with R and my eyes were on the road. With shivering arms and trembling legs I managed to drive while talking to R saying “Do not worry, the hospital is close by, which is 3.5kms away. I was praying to god to be our help and guide us. Both R and me were not familiar with hospitals but found a hospital on the road.

I remember reaching the hospital and calling out to the watchmen to bring a wheelchair. When they helped him to get on the wheel chair I do not know why but I instructed them to put him on oxygen as he was breathless. Immediately I parked my car and rushed in to be with R. I then asked them for a ECG report to be taken. In the meantime, I called my friends Dr. Winston Norohna and Dr. Veena Norohna who asked me to WhatsApp the ECG report to them. I did so, wasting no time. They told me to move to the city in an ambulance with support of oxygen. And they suggested Kauvery hospital and through their sources made all arrangements for the treatment to be followed… I requested the hospital to find us an ambulance. The hospital tried hard to get an ambulance with oxygen support for two long hours and then we succeeded in getting one small ambulance. I had no idea what was it that was so serious that I had to rush but all I could see and feel that my husband was not doing fine and he needed my help.

Once in the ambulance at 2 O’ clock in the noon I could think a little more ……I called my kids who were at home waiting for us to come home and ask them come to Kauvery Hospital for my help. I called my in -laws in Mumbai; I called my folks at Ahmedabad and informed them that Roque is not fine. By the time I reached Kauvery Hospital and found I was in the safest of hands. They took over like a parent takes over a child. I was secondary, they just took R and got the all primary tests done. In few minutes he was taken for an angiogram. I was still learning about the procedure and rushed to the radiology side but before I could see or find out R was moved to the CCU and they told me he is suffering from pulmonary thrombosis. I was relieved that they had found out the disease and from that minute It was Kauvery hospital who took charge and helped us through this crisis.

A big thank you to Drs. Suresh, Manoj, Veena and Winston.