Patient’s Voice

My name is Xxxxxx (to protect patient’s anonymity)

I have had diabetes since I was 10-years-old.

Unknowingly, I had some physical health problems often. Suddenly, one day I fell ill and fainted, and I was admitted to St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore. The doctor who examined me at St. John’s Hospital, confirmed me that I had Type I diabetes. But there was nobody in my family who had diabetes. Since then I have been taking insulin for Type I diabetes. I finished my schooling and college with diabetes.

Later on, I was diagnosed with kidney problem during my first pregnancy. I lost my first baby boy soon after birth. After that I took treatment for diabetes and kidney problems from Dr. Aravindan at Cauvery Hospital, Hosur.

During May 2020, I was admitted to Cauvery Hospital due to suffocation. Dr. A. Chandrasekar (Nephrologist), who examined me at Cauvery Hospital told me that I had to do dialysis. I had been on dialysis for four months. Once I had a scan I came to know that I was pregnant for the second time (20 weeks).

In that situation, Dr. A. Chandrasekhar recommended me to consult Dr. Niraja, a Gynecologist. They both together continued the treatment of High Risk Pregnancy, I was under Dr. Niraja observations for 8 months.

I gave birth before the 37th week because I could not carry the baby for 10 months. As there was no NICU facility at Kauvery Hospital, Hosur. So, I was treated at Narayana Hirudalaya Hospital by Dr. Lavanya (Gynecologist).

At the end of the 36th week, I had labor pains and I was admitted to Narayana Hirudalaya Hospital. There I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl through surgery. The baby was born underweight (1.8 kg) on 31.12.2020 and she was kept in the intensive care unit. Now my baby and I are fine.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the doctors and dialysis technicians at Kauvery Hospital and Narayana Hirudalaya Hospital for helping me to give birth. Thank you