(1). Cora Guerin. One Heart Defect, Many Lives. 2023


Returning to school proved harder than I expected. At first, everyone celebrated my return, but eventually, the excitement died down, and people stopped acknowledging me. I don’t think they understood what I was going through. Fortunately, one person from my class stayed connected, and that person has been my best friend ever since. I continue to write to the donor family, and I understand they may not be ready

(2). Richard Sima. Why birds and their songs are good for our mental health. 2023.


Looking to improve your mental health? Pay attention to birds.

Two studies published last year in Scientific Reports said that seeing or hearing birds could be good for our mental well-being.

So give them a listen as you learn why they may help

(3). The Best and Worst Habits for Eyesight. 2023.


Are carrots good? Is blue light bad? Experts weigh in on nine common beliefs

(4). Claudia Hammond. Protein powders: Are they bad for your health? 2023


Many people consume protein powder supplements, especially in older age or to bulk up muscles. Are they a good thing to be taking?