Significance of waist to height ratio as an early predictor in developing metabolic syndrome in children of age group 5-12 years in a tertiary care centre in Trichy: Part IV

Dissertation Submitted to the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi

Dr. Nimisha PV*

Department of Pediatrics, KMC Speciality Hospital, Trichy, Tamil Nadu



  1. Metabolic syndrome in children is rising at an alarming rate in developing countries.
  2. As there is no clear-cut definition in the pediatric population, unlike the adults, it is often missed in our regular practice.
  3. Waist to height ratio is an easy parameter for the quick identification of children with cardio‐metabolic risk factors at an early age.
  4. Current study recommends Waist to height ratio of 0.58 in children less than 12 years as action point.
  5. BMI classification, when used alone misses every fifth child with metabolic syndrome.


Our study had the following limitations-

  1. The study was hospital based cross sectional study and its results cannot be extrapolated to general population.
  2. The study had cross sectional design hence associations may not infer causality.
  3. WC was not calculated as an independent risk factor as all 170 children had WC, higher than 90th centile.