The Disappearing Act

Are we as significant as we think ourselves to be?
Am I nothing but a frivolous entity?
When my arms I sway
And patterns I engrave
Does it set off a grain in the milky way?

If fire is set to Earth
Time will bring a day where this act too would disappear
For to the universe and its scheme
Earth is but one of infinity

And hence the troubles which filled my time with worry
Now seem insignificant and to my eyes turned blurry

But what is truly strange
Is that my mind is not pained?
To be in exposure to these words
That my actions don’t cause permanent change
And my creations will with certainty fade
That time is the most generous but is also a thief

Somehow it all brims my soul with utter relief.

Excerpt from “The See-Saw Souls” by
Kaanthal Manikandan