The Unique Mind

Yet another tear drop cruised down her dimple-less cheek

Her face was too numb for her to feel

The wet glistening tear offering all the comfort it could

While the entire world in silence stood

Into the air the sound of her quiet sobs faded away

The same way her words did every day

Craving for her emotions to be known

Craving to feel mended instead of feeling torn

Solitude is her only friend now

When she sought redemption from the mocking words, they said

“The world is full of problems and yours is too small to even matter”

So she went back to listening to

“You’re not beautiful and you certainly can’t get any stouter”

She looked up at the twinkling stars

And realized they were no longer diamonds or shards of glass

Broken away from a faraway alien’s mirror

They were just balls of gas burning aimlessly

And the moon was just a satellite

Not anymore the earth’s dear friend and loyal knight

The wonder, beauty and mystery wiped away from her once artistic mind

As she realized to all that the society was blind

She looked into her cracked mirror

Wiping away a tear

Staring at her face full of freckles

Realizing that society has her in shackles

Her eyes which were always courageous for the first time filled with fear

Thinking “they’re all right. My mind I’ll let the society steer”

Every ‘imperfection’ was a mark of humiliation

So she covered it and changed herself

To fit in and to be the same

So that she no longer will be called insane

Her dreams no longer important

Her ideas into the darkness they went

‘Be yourself ‘no longer had a meaning

Her imaginative mind was no longer teeming

She settled down like an ocean with not a creature or wave

There was no longer a difference between night and day

The only goal is to be the same

The world may not have realized

But it just lost another artist another genius another pair of eyes

Another step closer to being a world filled with biological machines

Whose only purpose is living and dying

Just a small event

An hour in bullying spent

Can kill the most beautiful of souls

And the unique mind forever turned to stone

Excerpt from “The See-Saw Souls” by
Kaanthal Manikandan