Ultrashort Case Report

Dr. R. M. Subbaiah*

Consultant Hemato-Oncology, Kauvery Hospital, Trichy, India

*Correspondence: drrms5@yahoo.in

A 62-year-old male with multiple myeloma and renal failure was diagnosed in March 2020 initially at Coimbatore, then at CMC Vellore.


He chose to take native treatment for 6 months and reached us with severe peripheral neuropathy (non-diabetic).

He was stabilised initially with non-neurotoxic regimen (Lenalidomide Dexamethasone). The standard regimen (Bortezomib Lenalidomide Dexamethasone) was then given for four cycles. However, he showed sub optimal response.

He was salvaged with Carfilzomib, Ponalidomide and Dexamethasone for four cycles, and showed a very good partial response.

Bone marrow transplantation in the elderly, of more than 60 years and with renal failure, is a challenge. However, he evolved uneventfully, without much turbulence, and was engrafted on day 11.

This was a high risk BMT, with the shortest hospital stay, at our centre. He was discharged on day 21 of admission (post-transplant day 12).


My sincere thanks to the nursing staff, lab staff, apheresis team and hospital management for making this possible.


Dr. R. M. Subbaiah

Consultant Hemato Oncology