Life turns upside down for a young couple and family

When she rang up her fiancé from another city, and found his speech repetitive and incoherent, and mind confused with regard to time and day, she rushed down. He had been through considerable financial stress but did not have a history of affinity for alcohol or drugs. She also found him emotionally very unstable, with features of hallucination and delusion (false sensory perceptions and false beliefs). His level of consciousness was fast deteriorating and the body was becoming very rigid.

The family rushed him to Kauvery Hospitals. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Critical Care took care of him, ably supported by Radiology and Pathology. What would have been once treated as Acute Psychosis was revealed to be a very unusual disease of the brain, an Auto Immune Encephalitis.

Under the watchful eyes of the team, XX made a steady recovery, to the great delight of the family and returned to home and life.


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