The Electronic Medical Journal of Kauvery Hospitals

Inaugural Beta Version (The New Year Ed., 2021)

Guest Editorial

Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and Managing Director

I greet you all on the occasion of New Year 2021!

This New Year has come at the most opportune time, just as COVID-19 is giving us a respite from an almost yearlong and tough confrontation with a strange virus and a new disease.

How did we emerge stronger, more confident, humbler, and better prepared to meet such threats in the future?

Because we searched for new knowledge all the time, and learned fresh lessons all the time. We learned fast, and applied new knowledge even faster, in service of our patients and to ensure our own safety from this contagion.

Evidence – based Medicine (EBM) became our mantra; that served our patients well. It kept them safe, and we kept our promise of “Great health care affordable” which was the commitment Kauvery Hospitals made to our people when it was founded.

Why is this journal important? I wish that this journal, “Kauverian” and the print journal, “Chronicle” that shall follow it, grow like twin trees, digging deep roots, developing strong trunks, extending stout branches and putting out rich fruits of knowledge whose seeds have sprouted from our collective and distilled clinical experience.

These fruits are for all of us to share.

Together, all of us, and this tree of knowledge and experience, shall shelter the society and shower upon it great benefits over the years


Dr. Venkita S. Suresh, Editor-in-Chief

At Kauvery Hospitals, doctors, nurses, all medical technologists and clinical pharmacists serve patients with skill, knowledge, care, sincerity and dedication

Kauvery Hospitals also train a good number of post graduate residents (DNB, MRCEM and MEM), Nurses (BSc and Diploma in Nursing) and other young people in all fields of patient care.

Together, they strive hard to achieve great clinical outcomes and patients’ satisfaction

This journal shall document their work.

Both in clinical work and medico- legal medicine, what is not documented is assumed not to have been done.

Which translates to the fact that what you have not documented and published is water that has flown past the bridge and lost at sea.

Socrates said long back that the “unexamined life is not worth living”

That translates as “unexamined work “has very little life.

A printer and publisher discovered one more such truth “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.”

“Kauverian” offers to be the canvas where you can paint your work and post your images.

So, we request you to sync your laptop, get connected with ‘Kauverian” and stay “online”!

Happy New Year 2021!

Editorial Board

  1. Dr. P.R. Ramasamy, Orthopaedics, Kauvery Hospital, Tennur, Trichy
  2. Dr. T. Sundararajan, Kauvery Hospital, Salem
  3. Dr. S. Velmurugan, Gastroenterologist, Kauvery Hospital, Cantonment, Trichy
  4. Dr. D. Suresh Chelliah, Paediatrics, Kauvery Hospital, Cantonment, Trichy
  5. Dr. Srinivas Bojanapu, Kauvery Hospital, Bengaluru
  6. Dr. P. Vijay Shekhar, Cardiologist, ex-Kauvery Hospital, Trichy – Heartcity
  7. Dr. Maniram, Kauvery Hospital, Trichy – Heartcity
  8. Dr. A. Nagaraj, Pulmonologist, Kauvery Hospital, Cantonment, Trichy


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