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Dr. Jeevagan, Senior Consultant Urologist is acclaimed for his excellent work in the field of laser laparoscopy and endourology. He has nearly 10 years of experience in the management of stone disease by endoscopic and percutaneous procedures. He has performed numerous reconstructive laparoscopic procedures for kidney, ureter and bladder diseases. He is one of the very few laser-trained surgeons in Tamil Nadu who can perform holmium laser enucleation of prostate (Holep). Kauvery Hospital has a 100 W Holmium laser facility for this purpose.

Q. How do bladder infections occur?

A. Bladder infection is the most common reason why patients require urological advice. Basically, the causes of urinary infection can be related to both age and gender. Urinary infections are more common in women than in men. Women have a shorter urinary tract, hence the problem. The main causes for urinary infection are a lack of knowledge with reference to cleansing and proper hygiene of the urinary outlet, unhygienic washrooms, and constipation. Other reasons for urinary infection in women are urinary stone disease, birth defects in the urinary tract, uncontrolled diabetes and obstruction in the urinary tract. Menopausal changes in the urinary tract further aggravate the infection.

Urinary infection in men is due more to a specific reason and is uncommon. Causes of urinary infection in men are due to - Obstruction of urinary tract due to urinary stone disease, prostate, stricture diseases and uncontrolled diabetes.

Q. What causes blood to appear in Urine and is this dangerous?

A. The appearance of blood in urine otherwise known as haematuria, is always abnormal, and immediate medical attention is a must. Blood in urine can happen due to medical diseases of kidney, urinary infection, stone disease and urinary tract tumours arising from the kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, prostate and urethra. Rarely a bleeding disorder can cause blood in the urine.

Blood in the urine is a warning symptom of a hidden disease and unless treated immediately, it can lead to dire consequences.

Q. How many times a day is it normal for a healthy person to urinate?

A. It is normal to pass urine 6 times a day (24 hours), in a normal, healthy adult. This urinary output is equivalent to 2 litres and it helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Increased night time urination frequency (more than once), most often has underlying causes like Prostatic enlargement, uncontrolled sugar levels or urethral disease.

Q. What are the reasons for Kidney Stone disease?

A. Common causes for Kidney Stone disease are:

• Insufficient intake of water
• High salt and masala in the diet
• Consumption of excess red meat
• Temperate climatic conditions

Less than 10% of the population with kidney stone disease have been caused by birth defects, which results in metabolic disorders, abnormal anatomy causing functional disorders. However, complete removal of kidney stones, preventive medical treatment and periodic checkup helps in prevention of this disease.

Q. Are children subject to urological problems and what causes them?

A. The majority of urological problems occurring in children are related to birth defects, which can be anatomical or metabolic in nature. Poor personal hygiene can lead to bladder stones.

However, with today's lifestyle, formula food, junk food, eating of excess meat and less fluid intake, the incidence of urinary stone disease has increased manifold in children.


Interview with Dr. Jeevagan, Senior Consultant Urologist, Kauvery Hospital


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