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Healthy Vegetable Summer Salad

Healthy Vegetable Summer Salad

Beat the heat with this cool cucumber, fresh vegetable and protein filled salad. Crunchy, cool salads or Kosambaries (traditional North Karnataka Salad) tickle the taste buds with their delicious flavors and help satiate hunger pangs. It is a dish that can be eaten along with other lunch preparations or as a mid-morning or evening snack with a beverage.

This particular dish is low in calories and bursts with nutrients, other than just providing water and electrolytes. Both cucumbers and the moong dhal are a rich source of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamins and minerals. Moong dhal together with the lime content, is a good source for calcium and folate. Cucumbers in the salad to a certain extent provide protection from colon cancer. Cucumbers are a mild source of diuretics, low in sodium content, aids in weight loss and helps in the management of high blood pressure. Cucumbers also have a significant amount of Vitamin K, which boots bone strength. Cucumbers have been found to aid in the treatment of patients afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, by curbing neuronal damage in their brain.

Preparation time: 15 minutes: Serves: 2


•  Split yellow moong dhal (pasi paruppu) - ¼ cup
•  Cucumber - 1 large
•  Tomato - 1 small sized or a handful of cherry tomatoes
•  Carrot - 1
•  Capsicum - 2 teaspoons
•  Coriander leaves - ¼ cup
•  Fresh grated coconut - ¼ cup (optional)
•  Juice extract from half a piece of fresh lime or lemon


•  Refined Oil - 1 tsp
•  Mustard seeds - ½ tsp
•  Asafetida - a pinch
•  Green chilies - 1 / 2 (depending on mild or moderate spice level required)
•  Ginger - ¼ inch
•  Salt to taste


1. Wash and soak the yellow split moong dhal for an hour.

2. Peel the skin off the cucumber and remove the seeds. Dice the cucumber into tiny pieces.

3. Similarly, dice the tomatoes, carrot and the capsicum.

4. Finely chop the ginger and set aside.

5. Finely dice the green chilies or split them in two.

6. Finely chop the coriander leaves and set aside.

7. After an hour, drain the water from the moong dhal.

8. Place the moong dhal, diced cucumber, diced tomatoes, carrot, capsicum, green chilies and diced coriander leaves in a large bowl and gently toss together.

9. Place a small pan or karai on the stove on low flame, add oil to the pan.

10. Next add in the pinch of asafetida powder and mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add in the ginger and sauté for a minute or two. Switch off the flame and add the seasoning to the bowl of moong dhal and vegetable mix. Gently toss all the ingredients together.

11. Add salt and the lime / lemon juice extract to the salad and mix.

12. Finally, add in the grated coconut (this is optional) and mix in gently.

Moong Dhal, cucumber and vegetable kosambari / salad is ready to be served. It also makes a great dish to be served during festivals, weddings / ceremonial functions and at parties.


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